Thursday, August 14, 2008

And the new champion is....

We don't have ONE medal in the Olympics. Um...seriously?
Even Zimbabwe has medals. 3 of them.
I am so disappointed. Maybe if Rugby and Cricket were Olympic sports we'd have a chance.
Don't get me started on the politics we have in our sporting systems in this country! Argh!

I'd like to create new sports for the Olympics. Like:
  • Couch Potato sports for men. You have to time how quickly you can grab a beer, the remote control, scratch your balls, lift your leg to fart and shout at the ref on TV.
  • Couch Potato sports of women. A timed event to see how quickly we can paint our nails, read a glossy magazine, while E! Entertainment is on TV and chatting on the phone.
  • How big a bubble you can blow with bubblegum?
  • Monopoly games or Twister.
  • Pillow fighting

I'd win most of these (OK, not the couch potato sports for men, let's get real.) I'd be an Olympic champion. I'd have a hero's welcome with all my Gold medals around my neck! Just call me Bling Blogshell! And the crowd goes wild....

1 more day of madness. My body is seriously pissed off with me. I forgot to invite it to the conference where we decided to work at the most ridiculous hours! It's wanting to go on strike and it's vicious. My body is in cahoots with my eyelids and my mouth, which yawns at any given moment. Dangerous moments, like when my boss walks in with clients. Good times.

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Moe Wanchuk said...

I'd take the Gold in Naked Twister. But I'd prefer it to be a Team Sport.