Friday, August 22, 2008


We're still waiting for the results. This makes me nervous.

I must admit though, sitting in my mom's ward is highly fascinating. There are people with all sorts of illnesses. Pneumonia, heart problems, head cases (sorry mom) and other weird and wonderful ailments.
There are about 4 elderly women. Elderly, as in 85- 92.
I feel so sorry for them. They are so frail and quite frankly they've lost their marbles (and teeth.)
This one woman wanders down the passage into the different wards looking for magazines that don't exist; she likes to sit at the edge of my mom's bed and excitedly tell us (over and over and over again) that she cannot wait for her trip to Hollywood. She's leaving tomorrow with her husband (apparently) and yet she has been booked into the ward for 2 weeks. She wants to teach my mom Bridge, but she can't remember the game.
It is the saddest thing ever. She also disappears. She goes walkies and the nurses are forced into a huge goose chase. My mom's room was right outside the nurses station and so the nurses actually moved my mom to a "younger" room so that they could put this little old lady in my mom's place, to keep an eye on her at all times.
Poor thing.

I went for a drink last night. I needed one. Um... yes...about that one.
Damn. I got home at 00h30, feeling tipsy and feeling as if my toes were going to fall off.
I needed a good night out with mates who make me wet myself in hyseria, who make me dance prono-dance moves and who are just so supportive!

I'm glad it's the weekend...oh and guess what? I'm over the brunette vibe. Tomorrow when visiting hours are over, I'm going to allow my locks to take a trip down memory lane and visit their childhood residency. Blondeville.

Have a good weekend x


The Divine Miss M said...

Glad you had a good eve, you needed it.

That is what good friends are for!

Miss Caught Up said...

If only we could live forever! :)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Miss M... exactly and you have been brilliant too! Thanks x

Hey Miss Caught Up -you're so right. I really don't want to get old. It truly is sad!

Moe Wanchuk said...

I think I was a natural blonde.

I don't see myself ever growing too old. I'm sure someone is gonna kick my @ss at some point. I've already accepted that. If it happens, you have to take over my blog. Good Luck

zuzula said...

I am a bottle blonde at the moment and loving it!

Just catching up with your blog - sorry to hear your ma is poorly. I hope Mrs Blogshell Snr is soon on the mend x