Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am the best girlfriend. I know!

I reckon I am the best girlfriend. I'm just saying.
I'll take on the challenge. Ha ha ha! Ok I am kidding, but I reckon I could rate up there quite highly after what I've done.
It's my mans birthday tomorrow. I have just bought him the Guitar hero for PS2. Am I not the perfect girlfriend? The modest perfect girlfriend?
Ha ha!

Oh and I've bought him slippers too cos I'm getting annoyed that he keeps using mine. Besides, fluffy slippers are so last season for guys.
"Stop wearing my slippers. Get your own."
"Baby, I only wear them when you don't!"
"But you don't give them back to me when I do need them. You do know that they're black fluffy girly slippers, right?"
"Ja and? No one will see me in them."
"Not until I Youtube you. Or post pics up on my blog."
"What blog?"
"I didn't say blog...(shit, shit, crap, crap) I said, post pics up on the bog...as in public toilets...everywhere."
"You wouldn't do that to me."
"You reckon?"
Photo's to follow soon.
So yes, back to me being the best girlfriend ever. Oh and don't forget modest.
I am loving the fact that summer is around the corner. Yes please. Watermelon, suntan lotion, bronzed bodies, pool parties, sundowners, skirts, gladiator sandals, no jackets at night, the smell of fresh rain and jasmine, no more static shocks, no more itchy, dry skin and the definite smell of cocunut oil!
Bring it on!!


The Divine Miss M said...

Wahahah you are a fantastic GF

Though you do realise that you will now lose him to that game? We have Rockband and Guitar Hero in our house and I NEVER saw the housemate after he first got it!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

See, that's what I was told Miss M, when I bought him PS2 - so far so good...and yet there is method in my madness.
While he plays Rockstar; Rockstar, I get to watch all my favourite shows on the other TV! Winner! Hee hee

Moe Wanchuk said...

I'm sad.... Summer is almost over here, and it's been awesome. I'm so glad that so many chicks have had the opportunity to see my pasty white, hour glass figure this summer.
I'm guessing it would be fun seeing bikini'd triplets on a South African beach ....... Boooiiiinnnggg!

Miss Caught Up said...

That is sweet! I want Guitar Hero...

bodelou said...

indeedy, you are a fabulous GF!

i have to say, i did a good one myself. got the boyfriend (who shares my birthday none the less) the new madden football game. guys love that shit. especially because they dont expect us girls to have the foggiest idea when it comes to videogames. yet somehow i knew he would like it!

Kitty Cat said...

Ha ha, you really are funny and write well! Love it. Also can't wait for summer!

Please, Blonde Blogshell, help me. I've been battling to edit my saved draft posts. I can see them, view them, but somehow, don't know what I'm doing wrong, but just cannot get into them to edit them!

Peas on Toast said...

Hello my lovely!
Yes you are definitely the perfect girlfriend - my word, what a present!

Have you told him that you love the Maldives over Christmas? ;)

Tamara said...

Well, you're a better GF than I am wife - there's no way my hubby's getting a PS2... I'd never see the man again. He's already addicted to his PC games.

sweets said...

your man has no idea you blog?? haha... sneaky blondy! so please tell me you got him some pink slippers??