Wednesday, August 27, 2008

That's what SHE said!!

So I am pretty much exempt of all troubles until next August. I rock. Well he does now as the Rock Legend on Guitar Hero PS2 game. Hysterical. There he was sitting in his slippers rocking out to the TV and blaming the "stupid machine" when he missed a note.
Good times.
Tonight we hit Tanza Night for some fun, drinks and birthday celebrations. Yay.

There are just some questions you don't ask men. Even I know that.
I was chatting to a mate of mine on the balcony (he's a dude) and I just couldn't help laughing my panties off. Hilarious. I was laughing so hard because it was the exact conversation the man and I had last week. Almost word for word too.
Balcony dude: So, you went back to blonde! Nice. My wife wants to go back to blonde too.
Blondie: Oh really?
Balcony dude: She's been brunette for a year and half and wants to go back.
Blondie: Well, if you are blonde and you experiment, apparently you always go back.
Balcony dude: Ja, she wanted my opinion.
Blondie: And?
Balcony Dude: Well, it was difficult. I told her she looks gorgeous as a blonde.
Blondie: Uh-oh. I bet she looked at you like, "Oh, so what? For a year and a half I've looked like a troll?"
Balcony Dude: Oh my God? Were you spying? That's exactly what she said.
Blondie: Yup...I'm afraid it's a thing us women do. It's like asking you: "Does my ass look big in this?" So, what did you say?
Balcony Dude: I said that: "My baby, you look gorgeous no matter what colour your hair is!"
Blondie: Noooo!! That's what my man said! You guys really do have a book of 'sayings' don't ya?
Balcony Dude: Ja, but who ever wrote the 'Saying's for Men' book didn't have this one covered, because she then asked me, "Well? What do you prefer?"
Blondie: Ahhahahahaha...that's what I did!! Dude!

Men...damned if they do and damned if they don't.
Moral of the story? Best you keep trying!!

PS> I felt this incredible urge to use colour in this blog. Just thought you might like to know.


Moe Wanchuk said...

I had this conversation with my old lady.
My response...
"sweetie.... I love your hair however it is. Just keep that @ss lookin great!"
And she has. Lucky me

The Blonde Blogshell said...

So you've ALSO got "They Sayings Book for Men" then, Moe?
I'd smack you if you said that...but hey....Oh and I'd still keep the Title of Bestest GF ever...Hahahaha

thepurringcat said...

Universal themes...I've been every colour and my man also prefers me blondish..even though I'm naturally a brunette and that's how he met me! What's up with guys and blonde hair? Now I'm stuck with dealing with root touch ups...I shoulda just stayed my natural colour.

Tamara said...

I'm a natural redhead and I keep talking about going a different colour for a change, and hubby gets quite agitated. He's the same when I go for a haircut - "Just don't cut it too short, please!"

Honestly! Does he think I'm going to come back with a bald, shaved skull or die my hair luminous yellow or something?!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I have a theory Purringcat...

As kids we were all subjected to Barbie Dolls. Even little boys (from sisters or nursery school etc...)
I think that men have some sort of early subliminal thing about blondes thanks to the cute little barbie doll.

What do you reckon?

Miss T said...

I'm a blonde that has been a brunette for four years urge to go back just yet. I'm still in disguise :)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hahahah Tamara... hilarious! Tamara ala Britney Spears! Hahahahaha!
You should get one of those wigs and put it on in the car and walk in surprising your hubby! LOL

Kitty Cat said...

Ha ha, yes, that Barbie doll theory does make a lot of sense. Also iconic images of Marilyn Monroe etc.

Funny, Tamara brings up another point ...what is it with men and long hair? I cut my hair from being down my back into a bob and my hubby flipped out! He said that in future I must "consult" him before I just go cutting. Uh, excuse me, but whose hair is it anyway?

Kitty Cat said...

Oops, sorry, by the way,Kitty Cat is me, the Purring cat. I've been experimenting with different pics and can tell I'm new to this blog thing. But it's me, one and the same.

Being Brazen said...

ha ha ha ....

I had the same convo with my boyf with similar results...MEn are funny and rather predictable

Miss Caught Up said...

LOL Men, they're trapped no matter what. I used to have an ex who would just not say anything lol I'd ask him if I looked fat and he would just look at me like he didn't know what to do (or say!).. then he'd just walk away LOL

The Divine Miss M said...

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

It's a lose lose situation. There really is NO way he can win.

Why do they even bother trying?