Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Twin Fever

I have posted before about twins. I adore them. They fascinate me and I love the concept of identical twins! I embarrass myself generally when I see baby/toddler twins!
Anyways, with that said, what the HELL is going on with Hollywood?

It's like Twin Fever at the moment.

Let's count the parents who have twins: Julia Roberts and Danny Moder, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Maria Cross and her husband, Dixie Chick Martie Macguire, Geena Davis and her husband, Patrick Dempsey and his wife, Dennis Quaid and his wife.
Those are the ones I know of.

Last week there was news that Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell are expecting twins and this morning there is news that Lisa Marie Presley is pregnant with twins.

Sure, it makes sense to have two babies in one shot as an actress, celebrity etc... get it done, you know? You don't have to get your body back into shape two times, you don't have to take double the maternity leave so you're able to do more movies/TV shows/music tours etc...
I do see the perks but as far as I understand, falling pregnant with twins is not something that is extremely common. Is everyone in Hollywood on fertility treatments or maybe there's a pill on the market?
Maybe there's an infomercial for it:
Are you constantly in demand?
Do you not have time to go through the birth process twice?
Well we have the perfect solution!
Introducing Double Dose!
Simply take 2 identical tablets and you'll fall pregnant with not one, but two babies!
Money back guarantee after 9 months!
But wait....there's more!!!
If you call now, we'll throw in not one, but two nannies with their own entourage to help you out!
Call Today!

Whatever it is, it's really really odd.

Here is the pic of Hollywoods latest twins - the luckiest kids around with an almost perfect gene pool:


(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) said...

i like......

KaB said...

I think Shiloh is gorgeous!

And twin fever is's like some cloning Hollywood movie that's come to life...weird shit!

Jessica Alba had one baby...kudos to her for not following the flock!

KaB said...

Ooh...apparently Ashlee Simpson is having just one...another non-conformist! I wonder what that will do for her career?!?

The Divine Miss M said...

It's just cause they are all having fertility treatment. It happens all around the world with normal people who have it it just isn't documented all over the papers that we read! ;)

I want twins too!

Moe Wanchuk said...

Maybe they hump twice as much as the rest of us.
(In my case, it's probably quadruple)

KaB said...

Miss M - yeah obviously but it's still weird! In like 20 years time there are going to be a bunch of clones (some may be famous through their acting talent) in the industry & we're going to be like...'um...which one is that cos I think the other one isn't as hot' etc etc!

It's still weird!

And I also want twins :) Jack & Lucy...

zuzula said...

I'm sure it's IVF. I read somewhere that Angelina Jolie had it this time... but WHY would you have that rather than have lots of sex with Brad Pitt??? it's a mystery.

sweets said...

it is odd, they must be getting some sort of treatment... i would not want twins...ever!

brad is so sexy *sigh* :)