Friday, August 1, 2008

Don't talk to to my lawyer!

I am suing Veet Hair Removal. I can't really, but I followed every instruction. I bought that cream you can use in the shower. I even did the bloody test patch...who actually does that?
I do. Nothing happened. I then applied it all over my legs and waited to see if I could feel any tingling. Nothing. I blissfully shower away and after 6 minutes I started washing it off.
I have had such an allergic reaction to this stuff, my legs look as if I've been stung by a million bees. It is so sore that I can't even put pants on, so unfortunately I am wearing a dress today and having to show off my red rash.
So that's the thing...I can't sue them even though I followed the instructions. How would I prove that?
God it's sore!

On a lighter less painful note, I am really enjoying the sunshine we're experiencing in Joburg. It's beautiful. My right arm is actually a little tanned from all the driving I've been doing.
Hooray. I am done with winter. I've had it. If I get one more static shock I'm going to lose it. I am practically bathing in body butter yet I am so dry it is disgusting. Nice and flaky. I have had enough of drowning my lips in Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream and still having unkissable dry, chapped lips. Enough now! *Sorry Elizabeth Arden....*
However, when winter does eventually end I'm going to have to reveal my white-see-through skin and those comfortable clothing layers will disappear. Hmmm...although, for the first time in um, well, 25 years I've been sticking to this health regime so hopefully I'll be bikini ready. Hopefully.

I was really good. I didn't devour prawns and took a note out of your book. Clearly most of you are health bunnies! Share your secrets!! How do you do it?
I ate grilled lemon and black pepper chicken with gem squash and peas. How good am I?
*Blogshell pats herself on the back.*
This week alone I have been to boxing 3 times, tomorrow will make it 4 times.

It's the weekend peeps! I am celebrating my heritage today and I'm very excited about it! Big celebrations.
I am also really excited about this weekend...have big parties ahead and it should be scandalous and fabulous!


Moe Wanchuk said...

It's 30c here in Minneapolis, MN ....and beautifully sunny. The bikini would be great here!

And this boxing thing....Is it totally for exercise or do you beat up pencil necks like myself?

Jacqueline said...

Sorry about your Veet experience. Sounds like you're not able to use it. Best to stick to shaving or have a wax. Just get a recommendation for the latter from someone you trust.

All the best,

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hey Moe, You're so lucky you have warm weather!
Sigh...Not too long to go before we enjoy Sunny South Africa :-)

Well now...interesting question you pose...hahaha...of course it's for "exercise"

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Jacqueline... yeah, not great! At least the rash has died down now! Still painful though!
Yikes...waxing totally freaks me out and shaving is annoying! I'm a big complainer aren't I? haha!
Thanks for reading my blog!

pokcu said...

only bikini ?? huh

KaB said...

Oh dear...that sounds fugly...sorry :(

I love Elizabeth Arden products...WOW! But I do have to agree...I've missed like half the winter & already I'm over it!

Bring on the sunny sunshine & beaches...