Friday, August 15, 2008

The Weekend Jig

The weekend has arrived and I have never been more excited! I'm literally doing "The Weekend Jig."
It's cutting edge and I'm just waiting for the right party to debut it. Move aside Macarena!
I don't have anything remarkable happening, no debauchery again (here's hoping) but I'm just glad I get to catch up on sleep and watch the Rugby tomorrow!
I am so thrilled.

I really enjoy eavesdropping. I know it shouldn't be done, but let's face it...we all love a good ear full. I find it fascinating and quite frankly it makes me feel normal.

My man took me for a sushi lunch today and there was a table next to us (as there should be in a restaurant) with 3 guys at it. They were dressed in business suits and must have been in their early 30's.
The convo went like this:
Sunglasses dude: "I really am not sure what to do with my weekend. I am supposed to be seeing Holly but Bianca is bugging me to go out with her. Maybe I should do them both."
Laptop dude hi-5's Sunglasses dude. "Why not? Awesome! Holly is hot, but Bianca has a great pair."
Brightly-coloured-tie dude: "I am supposed to be going to my mom just now at 4pm. She's finished all my washing and ironing and I need to pick it up. Where are we watching the rugby tomorrow?"
The waiter then came to take our order and I missed the rest of the conversation but I was literally gobsmacked and yet I do wonder why I am at all surprised.
Here is this guy (a grown man) in a business suit, looks like he's doing well for himself, and yet his mom is doing his washing and ironing!
Do these men still exist?

Here is my to do list for the weekend:
  • Catch up with sleep
  • Watch the rugby at friends
  • Visit the parentals
  • Watch the Series channel tonight...for all the reality TV shit, I hate to admit I enjoy.
  • See Surfer Girl
  • Sleep
  • Continue with the clearing/cleaning of the garage
  • Organise my wardrobe
  • Sleep

Rivetting, huh?

I personally, cannot wait!! :-)


The Divine Miss M said...


What a said boy.

He's one of those types who is going to get married and want a wife who does all the cooking and washing and takes care of him.

Glad it won't be me!

The Divine Miss M said...

Oh said = sad

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Miss M... I couldn't believe my ears!

You are so right!! Argh! Chauvanism is clearly...ALIVE!!


Angela said...

Well I'm glad YOU'RE not washing and ironing some douchebag's clothes.