Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Go on...ASK ME! I dare ya...

I think Nick Bolton is a genius. I really do. He is one of the top photographers in South Africa and I could basically wear a potato sack and he'd still make the shot look artistic and fantastic! Man, I can't wait to get the actual photographs! I have felt like a supermodel for a day!
I am gushing, I know...but when you look at the screen and go: "Oh my God! Is that ME? It IS me!!" then you'd be doing the same!

I have an opening of an actor friend of ours (my man and I) club tonight. The man and I are going through for cocktails and canapes, good music and to catch up with people we haven't seen in a while. It should be good!

I've decided to start a Wedding Fund. Every single time someone asks me when my man and I are getting married, I'm going to ask them for R10. Maybe I should up that to R100, but considering our current economic state, I thought I'd be kind ;-)
By the time the man and I do actually decide to tie the know, don on the ball and chain and throw confetti around, we'll have enough money to actually have a wedding. Not just a pretty blog...neh?


The Divine Miss M said...

Hey Blondie, when are you and your man getting married?


po said...

Blondie when are you and your man getting married?

Being Brazen said...

When you getting married anyway? heehee..

great idea - I think I should start a wedding fund too... :)

Kitty Cat said...

There you go, you've already made R30! Hee hee. I won't ask, cos I'm starting a baby fund. Everyone's asking "So when are you two gonna have babies?"

ExMi said...

try having a kid, and then see the questions. usually, in this order:
1. when are you having another one?
2. when are you getting married?

i could kill myself.

in other news, you have an award, newly-created, by moi, so come collect it here.

Tay said...

I would be rich if I had thought of that whilst still with the Ex!! Damn!