Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday Night... weekend was totally insane!! The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Launch was well,!
It's just NOT FAIR. No honestly. I know I'm going to sound like such a chick now, but how is it possible for one human being to be that tall and toned with a button nose, piercing eyes, gorgeous hair and not a pimple or dimple in sight?
Wait. I sound like I'm perving. OK wait...this is the "chick" part. I was literally looking for flaws. I was looking and looking and I'm sure I must have looked rather bitchy, but I was gobsmacked. No fair; no fair!
I was utterly exhausted and got home at midnight. Blondie 2 stayed over in the spare bedroom that I'm convinced is haunted. Another story for another day.

Saturday was the day I MC'd for 7 hours and to be honest, I had such a jol! I was exhausted at first, but there is something about 6000+ people all screaming and whistling at you that can perk you up quite a bit. Just saying.

Right, so I'm getting to the good part! SATURDAY NIGHT! Blondie 2 and Special K came over to my crib (because I'm ghetto like that) and we did something so High School and I loved it! We got ready, we did each others make-up, helped with hair and took photo's. As you do.
We were getting ready for Daddy Long Legs Birthday Party. We weren't quite sure how "sober" he would be considering he had been on a pub crawl from 10am; so we were figuring we'd have a party anyway.
We arrived in the pouring rain and managed to hobble (quickly) through the puddles in stiletto's to the venue. We were right, he was a mad/glazed-eyed man who was dancing with anything that moved or didn't move, as the cleaners broom stick got to discover.
We danced, downed shooters and laughed the whole night long. I was having a swell time until it was my turn to go to the bar and get a round of drinks. A guy in a red shirt came up behind me and started dancing with my back...No. Grinding his stiffy into my back. It was horrifying. I turned around but he had moved onto his next victim with his "I can't quite see you, but you must be woman" look.
Two hours later, it was my turn again. I went to the bar and stood next to someone I haven't seen in ages! So there I am, chatting away when I feel some wet splashes on my leg. I didn't think anything of it because I had heard a glass drop. The next second, I feel a LOT more liquid on my leg travel straight into my shoe. I whip around to see Red Shirt guy keeled over the bar vomitting his guts out. Well. I have never been so repulsed. The bouncers removed him and I spent 15 minutes in the bathroom, emptying my shoe out and cleaning my leg, wretching from the smell.
I promptly sprayed half a bottle of Michael Kors onto my leg and went back to party.

At about 02h30, we all piled back into Special K's car and went in search of pies. The first garage we stopped at only had 2 and none of us were feeling charitable enough to share; so we moved on.
At the next Sasol garage we found 3 pies waiting for us, I mean they literally had our names on them. Instead of eating and driving (it's sooo dangerous!); we found a small table with two chairs on them. Special K and Blondie plonked their asses down and left me to sit on the ice-cream drawer. I like to think I was freezing my assets.
So, we're pretty "happy" - a lovely warm alcohol glow stuffing our pie holes with, well, pies when our victim arrived.
At this stage, we are pretty fucking hilarious. Blondie 2 goes up to him (he's buying a Fanta) and decides to be one of those sales woman that irritate the shit out of you in the supermarket.
She walked up behind him, picks up a box of washing powder and proceeds to be a cheesy salesman.
Mr. I Have No Funny Bone says to her: "I don't think you're very funny! I mean no girls should be eating pies at 3am!"
Say what? Oh no he didn't! (Ghetto Blondie is da bomb!)
Well, all 3 of us mature girls starting hucking him. Eventually Blondie 2 put the washing powder and handed him a box of Brooklax. Priceless.
I nearly wet myself.

Ah, the good times!!!


po said...

No girls should be eating pies at 3am? Why ever not? That statement has mystified me greatly.

Sounds like an awesome action packed weekend!

Moe Wanchuk said...

Nuttin like a good ole drinkin and eatin weekend...and getting hurled on!

Tay said...

Brooklax..... Whhhaaaa Haaaa!!! So funny! Sounds like an awesome night out (Besides red shirt guy - what a chop!)

Being Brazen said...

Why, oh , why didnt god make me a swimsuit model?? Im with you - UNFAIR

Sounds like a brillaint drunk night...well, besidea the guy vomitting near you part - yucky.


Kitty Cat said...

Euwww...the guy vomiting on your leg part was SO you say, it almost made you wretch! I can't imagine! But overall, at least you guys all had fun. I love getting ready with girl friends, all dressing up together, doing each other's hair and make-up! I did that a while ago with two pals and we also took photos!

Tamara said...

That last part was just classic... Especially the Brooklax! Very quick on her feet, Blondie 2.

Lopz said...

Some of my best ever memories were made at Engen garages at 3am after a huge night out. Love it.

And don't sweat about the supermodels, just think how much more they're going to suffer when they do lose their looks one day. What's left? Hopefully they have a plan B!

SheBee said...

Dude. That is QUITE siff, the vom on leg thing. Eeeew.

Also, I love 3am garage stories. I should get my motley crew to hook up with yours, sounds like we'd kick ass together :)