Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So many things; so little time.

I don’t know about you, but I often feel as if I’m not doing enough with my life. I’m not sure if I could squeeze much more into my seriously hectic life already, but that’s just the problem.
I feel as if I am out of sync with myself and I feel as if I’ve mismanaged the balance in my life. I need to re-look at the Blonde Blogshell’s Balance “Pie-Chart” so to speak.
At the moment a huge chunk would be work, work and more work and there would be small slivers left for family, my man, exercise, ME TIME (what’s that?) and other important things in my life.
This time of the year always makes me feel like this. The year flies by and I don’t realise until there are 2 months left of the year and it suddenly hits me like a tonne of bricks. Where did this bloody year go to? Did we not just celebrate the beginning of 2008?
It makes me think that this year flew by so quickly, that I didn’t get to do half the things I would have liked to and now there are only 2 months left to do them. 2 months that are probably my busiest.
Lists always help me organise things in my head.

These are some of the things I would love to do (newly edited: in my lifetime.)
Some of them big; some of the small; some can be done immediately; some are long term goals and some aren't even listed...
They’re in no particular order, but rather how they’ve popped into my head.

I would like to:

  • Go away. A lovely long holiday would be ideal, but at this stage a weekend away would be wonderful. I need a change of scenery.
  • Take a long beautiful drive out into the country side, away from the smog, construction and tall buildings.
  • Travel to another country to enjoy all the senses and culture that country has to offer.
  • Finish turning the garage into an office. It’s a project my man has started and I have joined.We still have so much to do. Clear out the rest of the stuff we have “stored”, put in wooden floors, paint the walls, buy office furniture and decorate.
  • Re-decorate our home.
  • Get the garden sorted out and plant a vegetable and herb garden.
  • Start a non-profit charitable organisation/foundation.
  • Be more secure in who I am. I learn something more about myself every day.
  • Stop caring about what people think of me.
  • Learn how to roast a leg of lamb.
  • Host a sophisticated dinner party.
  • Create a perfume.
  • See Summer, my Golden Labrador - the Guide Dog. She works up in the Northern Province for her new blind owner Bennie.
  • Buy a new car. I still drive my first car and it’s about to celebrate it’s 8th birthday.
  • Be healthy, get to my ideal weight and maintain that.
  • To not fear doing something on my own. To take that risk and make a success out of it.
  • Meet Nelson Mandela.
  • Sing more.
  • Buy a beautiful camera that allows me to take more professional photographs.
  • Get photographs printed. Ever since digital photography came about, all my photographs are on my laptop. I can’t remember the last time I developed photographs and as a result I don’t have any recent photo’s in gorgeous frames around the house.
  • Paint more.
  • Be more organised and neat.
  • To finish the novel I’m writing. I’m on Chapter 9 of it and once it’s done, I’ll see how I feel about publishing it and if it’s possible to.
  • To be more romantic. To actually take the time out for “us” time.
  • To take more time out for “me” time.
  • Visit my family in Europe.
  • Get a facial.
  • Read more and try new genres of books.
  • Learn French, Spanish and Swiss German.
  • Go on a train ride.
  • Explore.
  • Spend even more time with my dog (the Garden Terrorist) and take him out to the dam.
  • Clean out my cupboards and stop hoarding. I need to be brutal with clothes and things because I have a tendency to think that: “I may need this one day...” and never do. Donate the clothes I don’t wear anymore to charities.
  • Recycle.
  • Make more time for family.
  • Buy a blender.
  • Buy a new lounge suite – this is actually a necessity.
  • Bake bread.
  • Own property.
  • Have someone throw me a surprise party. Weird, I know.
  • Win an award. I’ve come close, when I was nominated for one, but I’d love to win and have to say an “Acceptance Speech!” Haha
  • Be more observant
  • Be a tourist in my own country.
  • Travel overseas to watch the Monaco Grand Prix and Wimbledon.
  • Horse ride on the beach.
  • Ride an Elephant.
  • Go to LA, Spain, an Island, Paris, Italy, Croatia to see what these places are really like and if they match the idea’s in my head.
  • Be an early riser and be more productive in my day.
  • Own a Haute Couture gown.
  • Go on a shopping spree with no guilt and no limit. *Sigh*
  • Go on a holiday with mates.
  • Get THE call that the project Special K and I have been working on for over 2 years, is a successful DONE DEAL. We’ve come so far and it would be lovely to know that people have OFFICIALLY signed on the dotted line.
  • If the above happens, I’ll be able to retire by 30.

I could go on, but dude, at this stage I need to actually do these things....


Kitty Cat said...

Goodness, go easy on yourself Blondie! That list could last you your whole life! A lot on your list you could achieve, but at the same time, go easy on yourself and just enjoy where you are, who you are at this moment and see how much you've already accomplished! From what I read in your blog, you've far outstripped me in achievements and you're younger, so I say, pat yourself on the back!

Anonymous said...

hah I wanna do alot of the same things. the retiring by 30 is intriguing, wonder what it is, if they do officially sign, you HAVEEEEEEEEE to tell us what it is.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hahahaha! Kitty Cat, you're so right...I suddenly realised that this post is a little confusing.

I don't wanna do all of this in the two months left in the year! LOL
But it did get me thinking about things I'd like to do in my life time...perhaps I should go edit it!!

Thanks honey! Always appreciate you coming by the blog!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

For sure Anonymous...in the mean time...hold thumbs!! ;-)

Tamara said...

Do you mean bake bread from scratch or just bake bread? Coz those instant packets from Snowflake (Easy Mix I think they're called) offer a mean farmsyle bread mix that takes like 10 minutes to creat and 50 minutes in the oven. It still gives you that yummy home-baked bread smell and taste, but fits into a schedule. Hmmm... I sound like an advert. But I'm loving those things!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Tamara thats classic...I'd like to try it from scratch, but hey...I'm gonna give that a try!! Thanks my little infomercial ;-)

po said...

That is an inspirational list, you areally are an achiever.

You should get a bread maker, it requires 5 minutes of your time and does the rest for you :)