Thursday, October 30, 2008

Soppiness...bare with me and my hormones.

So, I'm feeling better today. Still bloated but I'm not ready to kill anyone. Yet.
I had a morbid thought to. If I had to be driven over by a bus or something...yesterday's post would have been my last -how revolting. Sorry. All my life, to have my parting words as "I haven't had period cramps like this since high school. I feel as if someone from the movie SAW is inside my tummy trying out new versions for SAW 4!"

Charmer, right there!

Last night, I sat backing up all my blogs. I started in September 2007 and copied and pasted every months post onto my laptop. I am horrified that I've been blogging for over a year. It feels like 6 months. Woah! I'm so glad that blogs started. When I first heard about a was literally a case of: "Oh my God. That sounds terrible. Is it contagious and is there a cure?"
I was laughed at, of course and after some explaining I decided to do some research about them. I still wasn't 100% sure about how they worked or what the purpose was until I was flipping through Cosmopolitan magazine and saw the section for Blog of the Month. Mushy Peas on Toast was the featured blog, so I copied the URL and went in search. I have read her blog every day since and so I can whole heartedly say that she is the reason I started blogging. I have always enjoyed writing and I must admit, I tried writing as myself. I had a blog with my name and everything, but I found myself censoring what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. I'm not really sure why and I still can't explain it. I deleted it and was talking to a friend of mine. He came up with the name The Blonde Blogshell (wish I could take credit for it; wish I had thought of it) - you'd also be surprised at who that person is, anyways, I found out his wife reads my blog and I nearly had a heart attack - again...the shyness factor and the: "Oh shit what have I said?"
Anyways...this is also something I can't explain... I can't write as myself, under my real name...but I can completely and truly write as ME under a pseudonym. No logic, but it works.

I can't really remember NOT blogging and I look forward to typing out my bitching, my excitements, my sadness and my general experiences. I will never forget receiving my first comment. Ruby Letters welcomed me into the blogging world and I was stoked that someone had read my blog. Chuffed is the word; terrified the other. Oh dear. What happens if someone I actually know stumbles across my blog? Bizarre I know, since I am putting my life into these posts on The Internet for the WORLD to see and yet when people do figure out who the person is behind The Blonde Blogshell I get so shy and freak a little. I know. There's no logic in that at all. I've always been an open person (sometimes to my very own detriment) and often land myself in boiling water. Thing is, I have nothing to hide and I'm in my twenties learning about life and who I am as a woman. I don't feel I need to apologise for who I am and what my own opinions are.
I like being able to be anonymous (well sort I said..openness can be detrimental to me at times) and I like having anonymous people comment on my blog with their opinions. I find it fascinating and cyber-weird that I consider you guys to be my friends...friends I've never really met. Again, no sense in that either, but it's true. my 235 post, I'd like to say THANK YOU for the comments and for your very own blogs that I love reading over a cup of vanilla tea. Thank you for allowing me this platform to really express myself and to have fun!

PS> Two months and 2 days left until 2009. Just saying.


mylifescape said...

i found your blog via via via... and i love it - addicted dare i say! i know some people know who i am, and i have to say... i don't always express myself the way i'd like .. it just feels weird!

being new to Jozi (3 months today actually!) its great following your blog and hearing about what u do and what goes on in the city!

love it - a follow for life :)

Ches said...

Nicely written Ms Blogshell.

I think Ms Toast can be complemented on a lot of us blogging. And I sure we're all just as fascinating, good looking and humourous in real life. Just saying. ;)

Being Brazen said...

Love your blog - glad you still writing it. You were actually one of the first blogs i started reading online.

My boyf encouraged me to start my own because i always loved to write. I did - and well, I dont think i could stop now.


The Blonde Blogshell said...

My Lifescape...I'm shocked I don't have you under my blogroll...changing that immediately!

I'm so glad you enjoy my blog - it really does keep me motivated to carry on! :-)
You are a sweetheart! Thank you x
Where are you originally from then??

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Aww Ches *Blush*
Peas is a little biscuit, that's for sure!

PS> You have mail! Gmail...

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Being Brazen -that's brilliant and your blog is fantastic! See? I'm fascinated? How did you dicover my blog? I have done NO advertising at fact I wouldn't even have a clue!!

Tay said...

Awesome post! My introduction to the blogging world was also that exact same Cosmo article featuring Peas! Took me months to gather the courage to start one of my own!

Mrs.D said...

Yes, I agree about the joys of blogging. It's been a great outlet for my thoughts and creativity and gripes. Very theraputical. I go semi-anonymous, I tried making code names for everyone and it was just weird to me. So I use my hubby's and son's first names only and of course, I go by Mrs. D. I do not give away a location except for my state. Love your blog!!

Being Brazen said...

Blogshell - It was so long ago now that i dont even remember how i stumbled upon your blog. but after i did find your blog i read it daily :)

Kitty Cat said...

How odd, I also started blogging 'cos I read in some magazine about Peas on Toast's blog, so I looked it up, found it, then found yours on her blogroll, and that's how I started reading yours. And as you know, loved yours from the very beginning! I love your honesty, you're so you! If that makes any sense.

Kitty Cat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kitty said...

Sorry, I posted the same comment twice by mistake

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Mrs. D -it's lovely to have you here - I'm glad I found your blog too!!

Yes, I have code names for my best friends, my man (that's original -LOL) etc... but other than that I need to be anon! Even though some "clever" people have figured it out!
Aw, blogging is awesome!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Well it doesn't matter Being Brazen...what does is that you are here reading and it means the WORLD!! THANK YOU X

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Ches is right, Kitty Cat...Peas on Toast is RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MADNESS!! HAHAHAHAHA!! I'M SO GLAD!!

Thanks Kitty - I do get what you're saying...thing is people do identify me after a few posts because functions or events etc...but tough..this is me (I feel better being mostly anonymous) and I love to write! Just glad you enjoy it x
Awwwww!!! Ok...Enough soppiness, goodness!!

mylifescape said...

lol, no worries! at least now u got me ;)

originally from Port Elizabeth (shhshhh...don't tell anyone...), but moved from CT where i lived for almost 5 years!! good times!!

loving Joburg i have to say...!! more to life than ocean and mountain ~ even tho i'm missing it ~

have awesome friends in Jozi, so life is fabulous xxx

looking forward to your next blog - entertainment amplified!!!

po said...

What an awesome post blondie. Peas on toast was the first life blog that I discovered too. I wonder how many people she has encouraged to start blogging?

I actually discovered a political blog thoughtleader before any other, and misguidedly though I could write similar stuff and change the world! haha! I much prefer rambling on about random shit.

And I love being anonymous. I dont write anything too revealing but it gives me a sense of freedom security and fun that I wouldnt have if I wrote under my name :)

Moe Wanchuk said...

Now that you mention that we have about 2 months left, I have a question.

On October 31st, Do you South Africans have Halloween????

Diva Ma said...

I agree. I don't fully blog what I wanna say because well someone might read it. Stumbled across your blog through Moe and I'll be back to read some more!

KaB said...

Isn't blogging just fantastic...I fecking love go through stages of disappearing behind the screen but you always find yourself back!

I love reading your blog...and feel kind of special that I got to know who you really are *wink, wink*...don't worry my lips are sealed...the only time they every really are :)

Hurrah for blogging!

And hurrah for The Blonde Blogshell!

Peas on Toast said...

Holy shit! Thanks guy and especially Blondie for the mention :)
Cripes, I almost feel special!

I'm so glad I'm responsible for so much of this madness.

And thanks Cosmo...tooo it would seem. hahahah
Love the fuck out of y'all.

Tamara said...

Yay that you do blog! Keep going, Blondie!

Miss T said...

Miss Peas also got me into blogging but it took me a about two years or more of reading other blogs before I got the courage to do it myself :). congrats on yours lass...really love reading it