Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I'm no barrel of joy today. I received a phonecall from Zob today. She was in tears and I could hardly make out what she was saying.
It turns out that the horrific and tragic plane crash this morning was carrying some one we know. Zob went to school with her and was good friends with her.
I am numb. I may not have known her all that well, but it is still weird to know that someone's life is over so quickly and horrifically and to know that I've had drinks and fun with her. It's just weird, you know? I can't imagine what her close friends, family and boyfriend are feeling!
Rest In Peace Gillian. You will be missed.

Here is the story that is all over the news:

Plane burst into flames
21/10/2008 12:10 - (SA)

Johannesburg - Four men and two women were killed when their aircraft crashed in Germiston shortly after taking off from the Rand Airport east of Johannesburg on Tuesday.
Their light aircraft took off at 08:10 and about 2km into its journey to Ficksburg in the eastern Free State the pilot called in to request an emergency landing, said airport manager Anton Kruger.
However, the aircraft broke up and burst into flames as it came down behind the Germiston Raceway.
The area is surrounded by factories, a golf course and a popular lake.
ER24 emergency services spokesperson Werner Vermaak said their control room was flooded with calls from people reporting the accident. They said the plane suddenly went down about 500m from the busy N3.
The company sent all their vehicles in the area to the scene, but on arrival found that none of the six people on board had survived.
"There were no injuries, only fatalities," he said. "The plane is burnt out."


mylifescape said...

so sad - one of my colleagues also knew someone on that same flight.

never leave home angry - always tell the people in your life you love them. life is too short for sweating the small stuff.

sending love to everyone x

po said...

sorry to hear of that bad news :(

one of my old uni lecturers died in a light plane crash this year. They seem dangerous.

The Divine Miss M said...


That is horrid.

My thoughts are with all.

Tay said...

Very sad story. Strongs Blondie XX

ExMi said...

such a hectic story.

and i agree with mylifescape.

life is far too short to worry about the minor shit.

Being Brazen said...

thats so very sad :(

Kitty Cat said...

Very sorry to hear that. It is very scary how quickly life can end. This is when you realise life is too short.

Anonymous said...

one of the guys on the flight was a close family friend. Life is too short to be unhappy. live everyday to the fullest. May he rest in peace.

Miss T said...

So sorry lassie. All my my prayers and thoughts to the families and friends involved