Friday, October 17, 2008

What weekend??

My week has been hectic as far as work is concerned and weird working hours, but the real chaos starts today.
I have sound check for a corporate function I’m MC-ing tomorrow, later on today; I have to be on the other side of Joburg to do 2 voice overs and then fly back to work. All of this needs to be done within a space of 2 hours today.

After work, it’s the standard get-ready-in-the-office-bathrooms for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition Launch Party – sheesh, this was more of a mouthful than most models can consume. ;-) Couldn’t resist. Sorry.
As excited as I am to party, I really must say that standing next to bronzed, silky, skinny, cellulite and stretch mark free, “we-basically-produce-our-own powder-on-our-perfect-faces-because-we-never-shine” models; rates right up there with, um...I don’t know... glass gargling.

So that means I now have to make sure I go for the “uber glam, stylish, sexy, what this old thing? I haven’t tried too hard” look. Blondie 2 and I have to go – it’s a compulsory work thing. We’re going to sip on champagne and tell each other how amazing we look and that if Sports Illustrated ever had to do a Real Woman Swimsuit Issue, we’d be their first 2 picks. We would. Give me another glass of champers. We’ll talk about how boring it must be to look in the mirror every day and just look that gorgeous. How annoying it must be to walk around giving men whiplash.
Yawn. How boring. ;-)

I then need to be up early on Saturday morning, make sure I look like a million euros, and head down to the corporate function. It starts in the morning and ends in the afternoon. Tomorrow night Daddy Long Leg’s is having his birthday party. I have two words. Raucous Fun.
On Sunday I get to have a slight lie-in before I go off to MC a charity function for Breast Cancer.

See? Like I said, my busiest time. I figured out how to explain it. It’s like getting on a rollercoaster. It’s exciting and thrilling but there’s no end to it and you wanna get off. Immediately.
I know I sound like I’m complaining. It’s not that I’m not enjoying what I’m doing or grateful for the amount of work pouring in, I just need a holiday. How many times can I type this in one post? Dude!
You’ll totally understand when I tell you this.
I had a break for 10 days in January 2008. I haven’t had a day off this year (other than sick leave and that DEFINITELY doesn’t count) and the last holiday I had before the 10 days in January?
2 years ago. Basically, I have had a 10 day holiday in 3 years.
See why I’m being such a crabby bitch?


Kitty Cat said...

You do need a holiday! But even though I'd also not want to stand next to glam, gorgeous models, I'm still green with envy that you get rub shoulders with all the fab people.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

See Kitty? I DO need one!! ;-)

I still pinch myself everytime I meet someone "famous"... It's still surreal knowing that I do what I do! It's wicked cool ;-)

have a fab weekend

Being Brazen said...

Wow - your life sounds hectic, but totally glam. Lucky you. Dont blame you for not wanting to stand next to models - grrrr..models...too tall, too skinny....too annoying.

Hope you get a break soon.

Enjoy your weekend

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Being Brazen...Well if anything, it will make me think twice about stuffing that cocktail sausage roll in my mouth!! LOL
Have a beautiful weekend top x

Anonymous said...

sounds like a really busy schedule,too much driving around!!! that's tiring. but I think parts of your job are quite enjoyable and a vacation isn't that necessary. lol, I have taken zero sick days this year(even though I was quite sick for a while), 1 day leave for my birthday, and will not be taking any other day off this year, so ya 1 days leave for the whole year, but it feels okay. also in my first 3 years at work I took about 5 days leave combined for the 3 yrs! and I am confined to my workplace, at least you get to go out and see different places etc. see, it aint so bad :P

hope you post about the sports illustrated gig! give us all the juicy gossip etc.

Ches said...

You sound like a girl I know???

Hang on!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Say what, Ches??

mylifescape said...

haha, sounds like u need a weekend after your weekend :) bring on the bubbly its friday!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Bubbly makes everything better!! LOL
Thanks my lifescape...too true!

SheBee said...


Seriously, even I agree that you need a holiday, and I'm a workaholic!

Tamara said...

It's that time of year where everyone wants a holiday, which makes everyone grumpy. And when you have to deal with a gazillion grumpy, demanding clients who all think your world should revolve around them, it's easy to feel overworked and like your joy has been stolen. Plus you have to stand next to models. Hectic.

Strongs, my friend. Any chance you can organise a longer break after the silly season rush?