Tuesday, September 9, 2008

201 today

It's my 201 post today. Imagine that! You have had to endure me for 200 posts. Dude. Hectic. You've had to endure my whinging, my nagging, my ups and downs and just general crap that is the life of the Blonde Blogshell.
I am always amazed that people enjoy my post (no, there's no fishing here) but I genuinely am. I love receiving your comments and your opinions - you are hilariously funny in some of your comments and I always have good giggles!

Anyways, I went green today. Not in the jealous way, but I felt like a little old lady going off to the Nursery. My garden is so bare. It has grass and some ivy. We built a while back and have tried to get a garden going, but it's been a mission. Our soil is full of cement pieces, pieces of bricks and other rubble the builders seemed to have hidden and we've been trying to sift it out for over a year now.
I love being able to sit in a lush, green garden, smelling the various flowers and hearing birds tweeting. It suddenly occurred to me that I haven't heard birds tweeting at home, well, ever. I only realised this when I went to visit my parents and we sat outside having a cup of tea and heard weavers and doves carrying on in the trees.
With that said, I put on the old jeans, flat shoes and sun hat. I went to our local nursery and bought 4 kinds of trees (they're babies now plus they had to fit into my car), pretty plants with flowers (I don't know their names) that apparently spread out to create ground cover, 4 jasmine creeping plants that bring back memories from my childhood, hibiscus plants and smelly compost.
I am so excited to plant and I am so excited for the man to arrive back next Wednesday and see the garden covered in plants, rather than dirt.

I have a bottle of wine in the car (my favourite - Saint Anna, a cheapy. Ironically I can't drink really expensive wine, I found it tastes awful. Yup, I'm a cheap date.) and I'm heading off (after work) to comedy girl's house. My "twin" and I are going to celebrate!

PS> He gets back next Wednesday. Dude. I cannot wait!! Heard his voice this morning in a delayed phone call and I got all weepy afterwards.


Moe Wanchuk said...

Hey BB.....you need to get a couple of bird feeders.... and fill them up with sunflower seeds. They love free food...just like us!

Kitty Cat said...

Good luck with the garden, my fingers are so un-green that if I touch a plant it withers and dies! Funny, but I've found exactly the same thing with wine - the expensive ones taste crap, and the el cheapo's are the best, easiest drinking wines. So now I just look at price, and the cheaper, the better!

happy snapper said...

Aaah....hibiscus plants totally take me back to my childhood!
So stoked about your garden, you must be super proud. Im sure the man will be also. Enjoy Wednesday...and your wine :)

Being Brazen said...

HAppy gardening. Hope your garden looks fab when your man gets back :)

Nothing wrong with cheap wine. I like it too - i especially like Nederburg Rose and Woolworths house wines.

Tamara said...

Congrats on 201.

Nothing better than a green, lush garden. And the smell of jasmine in spring is unbeatable.

MidniteGem said...

Goodluck with the gardening ...i always kill everything so am in awe of anyone that can keep plants alive!

oh and random fact... My mom was responsible for the design of that wines' label! lol random