Friday, September 5, 2008

Body Odour

It's called deodorant. I'm just saying. Good God! There is nothing worse then the weather getting warmer and people's B.O. getting stronger.
For 3 hours today I kept sitting next to people who had the worst B.O. EVER.
I couldn't take it. Eventually I walked outside to get some fresh air. Literally.
It was me. Oh the fucking horror. What the hell? I still couldn't get it out of my nostrils and took deep breaths originally to clear the nasal passages and just smelt the waft of B.O constantly.
The shock and realisation of it being me was awful. B..bu..but, I put deo on this morning.
I did. I know I did. WTF??
How embarrassing! If I was sitting closely to people and thinking it was them the whole time, and it was me...they must have been dying. Oh the horror.
Of course. I changed handbags this morning and didn't transfer my deodorant either, so now I have to (mortifyingly) go and ask the very people I've been stinking out for the past 3 hours, if they have deo.
I now smell lovely and floral. Just for the record.
I'm still blushing though.

A mate of mine has organised us tickets for Joburg Day. It's a concert that 94.7 (a radio station) puts on every Spring. I'm quite excited!
I went last year and I loved it!!

Not sure what I'm doing tonight? Have 4 propositions. What can I say? Miss Popular is busy while the man's away! JUST KIDDING!!!!

Have a great weekend and can't wait for the weekend. Honestly.


Moe Wanchuk said...

Hey Stinky...I'm happy it's Friday too. You were very entertaining this week.
Have a great one!

Len said...

Haha, that reminds me of the time I was standing next to a guy with the worst BO ever, until he walked away and I realized it was the French cheese I had in my shopping bag. lol.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Moe...what can I say? I'm a funny...stinky girl! LOL :-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Oh no least it was still the cheese and not YOU!! Hahahaha!!

Kitty Cat said...

OMG - That's funny! It's happened to me once or twice too. Rather BO than bad breath though.

Being Brazen said... shappens to us all at least once..

Glad you keeping yourself busy while your man is away. I have a tendancy to sadly lie around when my man goes out of town - bad habit..


Candy Grrl said...

Oh dear god...I'm also so paranoid about stuff like that so I go crazy with the nice smellies...I have a regime in the morning...two different types of baby Johnsons's moisturiser & then my perfume...I think I'm okay on the BO front *touch wood hug a tree*

Still funny though :)