Friday, September 19, 2008

Lady Luck hates my mom.

I shake my head. My poor, poor mom! I cannot get over how much bad luck she has been through. She has been poked, prodded, squashed, squeezed and everything under the sun from MRI scans, to lumber punctures, to blood tests, to ultra sounds, to CAT scans etc, you name it!
She has waited patiently and nervously for the results and she has been diagnosed with a disease that out of privacy and respect I'd rather not say on my blog.
She is on so much medication, that it scares me. No one bothered to tell her that one of the many things she's on decreases bone strength and density. My mom stepped down from a small step at home, twisted her ankle and fell. She has broken her ankle bone straight off and her leg bone, the thibea (sp?).
This is outrageous! She now has to either have an operation or she needs to lie still for 6 weeks. She cannot use crutches as a few years ago, she had an operation on her other leg and some of her cartledge was removed. We've hired her a wheelchair and I just feel so helpless!
The amazing thing? How strong my mother is, her spirits are incredibly high and I am in awe. My family has been amazing too and we have stuck together like glue through all of this.
I could not ask for a better more solid and incredible family.

I just can't believe how this has all happened to one person in a few months!

In other news, I have a headache. I don't think I'm drinking enough....water, that is. I hate water as it is. I am quite snobby when it comes to water. I reckon that if I'm going to drink the awful stuff, I might as well make it good. No tap water for me, but mineral with a slice of lemon or mint or both.
I have neither mineral water, lemon or mint lying around so there goes that idea.
My man got home on Wednesday and I've been rather busy.* Catching up in um...all departments.
We're having a get together tonight at home to catch up with everyone. I have the garlic bread and braai meat ready and lots of wine and Vawter in the fridge. Good times!

Have a brilliant weekend.

*Reason there's been a lapse in blogging.


MidniteGem said...

So sorry to hear about your mom!! Its aweful when these things seem to pile happened to my family about 3 years ago when my dad broke his hip in a motobike accident (at 74 years of age!!) He is still battling with it and has had to stop working.

Anyways - glad to hear you have nice tight supportive family.

Random fact i read the other day... Tea is more hydrating then water. Basically water is just hydrating but tea has antioxidents in it which makes the body absorb it better.

Tamara said...

Hectic... So sorry to hear about your mom. It's amazing that she's keeping her chin up and ploughing on. Hope she proves all the doctors wrong and gets better super, super quick.

Moe Wanchuk said...

I feel awful about your mom. Moms are the greatest people on the planet! Spend as much time as you can with her. If I didnt live 1/2 a world away, I'd go visit her.
Wishing you the best. Have a great weekend

po said...

Your poor mom, good thing she is so strong mentally.

Blue Sunflower said...


So sorry to hear about your mum. Just be there for her. Mum's are like these brave little soldiers and even when things are going wrong in their life - they will be all brave and happy...

Hope she gets better soon.


Lopz said...

@gem - the problem with tea of course is the caffeine. So you trade no anti-oxidants for potential heart disease...or cancer of the liver..or whatever the hell the experts are banging on about today. Honestly, can't they just shut up and let us eat/drink?

Blondie, I'm really to sorry to hear your mom is going through a rough time, but so glad your family is rallying around. It makes such a difference. Hope you're enjoying all that catching up - relapse on the blogging as long as you like! ;-)

Kitty Cat said...

So, so sorry about your mom. These things always seem to happen one on top of another. It sucks.
Glad the man is back.
By the way, did you ever do the couple weeks of no alcohol thing?

Pranay said...

All my wishes to your mom and your family. Your Mom really does seem very strong. Dont worry and be as strong to make her feel proud.

Hope everything gets fine soon.

Its Tibia and Cartillage. Jus coz you asked.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

tibia, cartilage. Not cartillage pranay.