Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jealousy makes you nasty.

I am officially ONE WIF VA SOUTH! Apparently, if you have been to the Black Steer in Mondeor, you are pretty much initiated into the clan!

Blondie 2 and I had a jol and I loved it. I even got a tour of her primary school, high school, ex boyfriends homes, friends homes and her corner supermarket -all after midnight. Lovely.

I'm really getting annoyed with the home page on facebook. I know this is random, but it's literally just happened and changed what I was going to write about. Oooooooh, I'm seething!!!
I hate the Home Page because it shows everything that is done amongst friends and so forth. Cyber bullying. It exists.
Jealousy really does make you nasty.
I don't get people. I really really don't. I am genuinely and utterly respectful and excited for someone and their successes. I am not insecure in someones success, instead I'm inspired.
I don't mean to sound as if I'm just perfect and such a fantastic person, but I am being honest and a little perfect -haha. Narcistic? Me? Sorry...
I do not understand why people have to be so incredibly mean, bitchy and nasty about someone doing well in work, personally or any means that could make someone happy.
I saw exchanged comments written on 2 "friends" walls, purely by default of the home page.
I can be sensitive. Really sensitive. It doesn't, however, take a rocket scientist to know who they're talking about when they're talking about an achievement with my initials attached.
I'm livid.

That's all. Just needed the vent. Thanks blog.

14 days to go. I really am pathetic. Hahahaha


Miss Caught Up said...

Don't let other people's jealousy bring you down. Keep being optimistic and ignore those people.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

You're right Miss Caught Up...but damn it hurts. I can't help it.
I'll get over it. THANK YOU :-)

Moe Wanchuk said...

I think people are talkin about me too..Here's some proof...

"I gotta get my hands on see the size of his feet?"

"I heard that MW is a Sex Machine...I WILL get my hands on him!"

"I want to treat MW's body like a Circus Show!"

I'm tired of this abuse.. .it's just wrong

The Divine Miss M said...

Meh what wankers.

Remove them as friends.

Do it, you don't need that crap in your life Blondie!

MidniteGem said...

Yeah - i'm with Miss M on this. Take the debt away ...remove them as friends and let their own insecurities be their problem and not affect you !

Anonymous said...

lol thats life, people always want to bring others down, be it if they're good looking, clever, rich, etc, human nature, fuckers. i hate it too. dont remove them as friends so you can keep track of what they say, but secretly wish bad things happening to them heh heh. they're jealous bitches, you should actually tell them something and put them in their place, or punch them hard! use those boxing skills, that'd be awesome lol.

-Chan Tal ;)

Being Brazen said...

Dont let it bother you - jealousy is usually a compliment. Means that there is something to be jealous of..heehee

Keep smiling, karma usually sorts those people out ;)

Miss T said...

the dangers of facebook...all those "friends" who are just keeping tabs on you