Monday, September 15, 2008

Domesticated Goddess...disaster?

Wow! So the TV shoot was incredible. I was bloody nervous, but I loved every minute of the 13 hour shoot! I had more make-up on than a transvestite and about 17 layers of powder on top of that! It was awesome!

2 more sleeps until my man comes home. I can't wait. It's hard to explain. These past 2 weeks have been the longest ever and yet at the same time, it's flown by and haven't had a chance to do all the things I thought I would do while he's away! Odd.
Another thing I can't explain. I'm nervous. I have no idea why! I have no idea over what! I have this nervous feeling in my stomach, like a million butterflies suddenly hatched in my stomach. Can't explain it and don't really understand it myself.

My parents are coming around for dinner tonight. I haven't had them around to my place in yonks. I get to play the domesticated, look-how-grown-up-I-am role. Good times. I'm attempting to make a curry. I have no idea what I'm doing. Even with the recipe on the table. Oh good God. Why oh why? Why can't I just stick to sandwiches?
I know why. I want to impress them. Show them that I'm FINE on my own. Show them that I'm a Domesticated Goddess with ambition. Oh yes. Ambitious alright. A fucking curry.
I think something's burning...


Moe Wanchuk said...

what is "yonks?"

I bet they'd like a Coconut Cream Pie for dessert.

Len said...

It's perfectly normal you're nervous if you haven't seen your man for so long. Don't worry ;-)

Good luck for the curry also!

The Divine Miss M said...

Hope you didn't murder your folks with your cooking! ;)

Congrats again on the tele :)

Being Brazen said...

Glad the TV shoot went well.

Gosh i get nervous to see my man if he goes away for 2 days...its more excited nervous than scary nervous ;-)

Im sure your curry was fabulous

Kitty Cat said...

The nerves thing happens to a lot of girls when the man has been away - it's like you're all new with each other again, and have catching up to do etc. So how did the curry turn out?

sweets said...

i've never had my parents over for dinner... ever... cause i would die a thousand deaths if something went wrong... how odd is that :)

ok so i'm looking out for any new tv shows?!!!!!

Tamara said...

Glad it went well. And i'm sure you're curry will be fine. Enjoy the evening!