Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Dear 13 year old Blondie" MEME

Here it goes Natalie..:-) I got tagged to write a letter to my 13 year old self... It's a lot harder than it sounds but I gave it a shot!

Dear 13 year old Blondie,

You are beautiful, you are a good, caring person and yes you are sensitive but never let that jade you. You are growing up and you will learn. The lessons will be hard and you will cry a good few times but each tear is not in vain.

Every time you doubt yourself, know that it’s natural but never allow it to hurt you or to make you feel inadequate.

Those bitchy girls who will mock you, laugh at you or laugh behind your back, who want to hurt you are jealous. Yes, your mom is right – no matter how many times you roll your eyes.
Those girls are jealous of you. They want to make you feel insecure but the only reason is because they are insecure and need to put you down to make themselves feel better. They are shallow and you have substance. They want what you have. Don’t allow them the satisfaction. You will meet boys who will give you that funny, tingly feeling in your tummy. You are all teenagers and hormones are involved. Most guys want one thing and one thing only no matter how much they tell you they love you. Boys make you feel wonderful and they will make you cry. You will find a good man who loves, treasures and respects you. You will not die if he breaks up with you. He wasn’t good enough for you anyway.
You will want to fit in; you will want to feel part of the crowd. Just make sure it’s a good crowd. Peer pressure is true; “friends” who use peer pressure are not.
Your parents love you so much and they want to protect you. You will fight with them, you will hate them, and you will think they are the most unfair creatures on the planet. You will thank them.

Things that seem so important right now, like what you are wearing, how perfect your skin is etc will not matter in the long run. No one will remember if you had a huge volcano on your nose. People will remember how funny, kind and caring you are. Enjoy being young. Enjoy being a teenager. Life gets harder. Don’t rush it. Before you know it you will be an adult and it won’t be all it’s cracked up to be in your teen mind. Being an adult is wonderful, but it’s very different from how you originally perceived it.
You cannot blame anyone for your mistakes. It is not your Maths teachers fault that you failed the Geometry test. It is not your parents fault. Study hard because it does matter.
Don’t be afraid to ask question and, to ask for advice. Just trust your gut feel as to who you actually ask, be sure you can trust their advice and answers.

Be yourself and don’t be afraid to be yourself. You are incredible. Believe in yourself, because if you don’t no-one else will. Don't allow anyone to mock your dreams no matter how big or small or "ridiculous" they may seem because you're the one dreaming them, not them and who is to judge? Besides, everything you set to mind to, you achieve, so go for it!
Listen to people. Keep your head on your shoulders and stay grounded - that's attractive.
You are beautiful, smart, incredible, and strong. Never underestimate yourself!

Love Blondie (from the future)


Ruby said...

awe....that was very sweet:-) If I was the 13 year old you I would feel comforted but not lied to about the truths of life;-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Wow! Thank you Ruby! I really appreciate that :-)

Natalie said...

Ruby is right, very cute post! Aren't you glad you did it? Ruby and I were saying how we could have wrote for ages!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Totally agree gals!! I just remember my mom saying these things to me and I rolled my eyes, like "what does this old woman know?" ha ha ha ha!! Excellent exercise, so thanks for tagging me Nats!