Tuesday, December 18, 2007

it's early.

Argh! It's way too early to be awake. Especially in the Festive Season. I'm sipping hot chocolate, staring at the clock *it's 06:14* and blinking several times trying to get rid of the sleep in my eyes.

I'm at work. Someone's gotta do it. Deadlines. Say no more.

This weekend was...um... I actually don't know. It's too early. Oh yes, I went out with my girlfriends on Friday night. It was fantastic. My stiletto's half killed me. My feet went on strike half way through the evening and the shoes ended up in the bag (classy), my gorgeous mates and I were all sing-screaming to Nelly Furtado, Timbaland and anything else we kinda knew the words to. I do remember several suitcase shots going down the throat. *shudder*

Saturday was a fragile day of a weak stomach, horrible headache and one helluva hangover!
The man dragged me to dinner with one of our mates and his new gf. I can never keep up really. If you look his name up on wikipedia, you'll find the definition of comittment phobia. Poor dude.

Speaking of dudes. My dude left this morning for Cape Town. He's touring with some bands around SA's coast. Lucky bastard.
I am gonna miss him, but I got quite a shock to my system. I felt a little relieved. Not in a "terrible-should-I-worry-about-our-relationship?" type of relief but in the "now-I-can-do-face-masks-eat-junk-food-not-cook-and-watch-all-the-girly-movies-I-want." type of relief.
Why do we (women) not do that, anyway? Seriously. Have I become one of those woman who fiercely defends woman's (and my own) independance, even if that's not exactly how things are?
God, say it isn't so. I'm fairly independant but why don't I do bubble baths and face masks when he's around? Why don't I curl up on the couch with my Cosmo (magazine and cocktail) and why don't I hire girly dvd's when he's around?
Strange. Oh well, it's time to catch up!! My female essence deserves it. :-)

Have a fab Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

because why do face masks and bubble baths when you can be kissing him all snuggled up at home or enjoying each others company out on the town!!

sorry work is such crap :(

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Too true One Girl! :-) hee hee