Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fruity ass

Everyone's a comedian, aren't they?

Little Fuckers! I LUUURVE Mince Pies. A lot of people don't. Sorry for them. More for me.

So, we have this very ditzy gal in the office and as much as we enjoy her antics* she can really be stupid.As sweet ** as it was for her to bring in a tray of mince pies, I do NOT understand the logic.

Let me explain.

I do not do white pants or white bottoms for that matter. I think they make your ass look 5x the size, if it's too tight it can show too many lumps and bumps*** and sometimes in the wrong light it can look see through.

Today, of all days...has to be sleep induced, I decided to wear my white skirt (the only white bottoms I have.) Why? Why oh why would you put a half eaten mince pie on a seat?

No. Seriously. There is a desk, for fucksakes, there's even a semi clean serviette on the desk.

Blondie here, didn't look at seat, sat and felt something squishy.

Standing up, there was a whoosh of giggles. I feel a great sticky mince pie stuck to my skirt. Removing it, makes me look as if I've shat in my pants.I gave them the finger and told them all to "Swivvel!"...politely.

I have a meeting just now. Fun times. Why does this always happen to me?

* So we can tease her.

** Excuse the pun.

*** More specifically, orange peel - God I love how these puns all come together.


Vimbai said...

Now i want a mince pie, mmmmmmmmmmh. Sorry about your skirt too, that's NOT cool at all!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Vimbai, I smelt like a mince pie all day and it actually wasn't pleasant after a well...but I still ate a pack (out of revenge of course) :-)

Have a lovely festive season V!

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