Thursday, December 13, 2007

Things you didn't know....

Since I'm only a few days old to blogging, I thought it would be fair to introduce myself properly:

1.)I’m sensitive. Seriously. I’m getting better, the older I get,but I will take your nasty look, your back handed compliments and more, to heart. I’ll probably/maybe sob (behind closed doors, then I’ll get over it and on with it.)

2.)I don’t like pizza. This may sound spoilt but we had pizza almost every weekend when I was a wee one and now I am just pizza’d out. However, I do like the social phrase: Come round for wine and pizza. (I’m not going to order pizza but it sounds cool.) Oh and I adore food - love the flavours and smells.

3.)That’s the other thing. I used to enjoy wine. Now I am like a soft ass who has one glass and she basically makes Paris, Britney and Lindsey; look like Mother Theresa and the Pope. So my point is, that I will tell my girlfriends to come around for some wine (another socially acceptable phrase), and the point is we will not be drinking wine UNLESS I want to get totally plastered and wake my neighbours up.

4.)I have lovely neighbours except for the snotty woman across the road who is part of the Body Corporate and is constantly snooping. Nosy little shit.

5.)I like to think I’m a party animal…I am, but suddenly I am not able to stay out til the sun comes up anymore. What is up with that? I refuse to accept the whole “age” thing. Bollocks.

6.)I like doing The People Magazine Crosswords and Suduko. Shut up about that “age” thing. (I heard that!)

7.)My family, friends and man mean the world to me and if something had to happen to them I would take revenge, I would crumble and I would kill.

8.)I like my sleep. If I don’t get enough I giggle like a school girl and if I still haven’t got any sleep I become Lucifer.

9.)I have a temper, but only with my family and man. I have no idea why. I will not say what I want and flare up at people who don’t really matter, but I will at my family. I don’t like that about me.

10.)I will cry incessantly in sad movies, at sad stories, heart warming stories and especially things about children and animals. I don’t like the news very much.

11.)I don’t understand abuse. There is no excuse.

12.)I love shopping, but strangely enough I prefer window shopping. I’m not a cheap ass but clothes shopping puts me in a mood because 9/10 I can’t find things that fit, or the sizes are ridiculous. I like shoe shopping, because THEY ALWAYS FIT. I like grocery shopping but never stick to a list.

13.)I write lists for almost everything, even packing for holidays, like, sunscreen –check, bikini- check, toothbrush -check.

14.)I will never be a Size 0 and I really give a “big up” to the ladies like Beyonce, J-LO etc… who are curvy.

15.)I am convinced my beautiful, wonderful, intelligent dog is semi human and he is like a son to me and no mom, it’s not creepy. He is incredible and strangely enough he too is sensitive despite the fact he has 2 “media hyped vicious” breeds in him, he doesn’t know it. He’s more placid than a Labrador.

16.)My amazing mom is convinced I’m still 5 years old and as much as I get irritated by her calling my home to tell me a storm is coming and I should close my windows; I would miss it if she didn’t. She is the most wonderful woman I know.

17.)I am pleased my sister and I are bonding again. We lost our way as teenagers but things are different now and I’m really happy.

18.) My parents are still together and it's wonderful!

19.) My dad is such an incredible man and father and I really was blessed when I landed him as a dad. He never missed a hockey match or a school play and it means the world to me.

18.)I have an incredible man who annoys the shit out of me sometimes, but then I guess I irritate the shit out of him, so we’re square. He’s awesome. I'm so in love and I hope he proposes one day…soon.

19.)I do a lot for charity. It makes me feel good and I want to know I could have made a difference or just put a smile on someones face.

20.)I thank God every day for my blessings.

21.)I am a good, loving person who always tries to go out of her way to help, to be there for people, to be respectful and to make me people smile and laugh.

22.)I can be a walkover, though.

23.)I can be misunderstood and for some reason people do think I’m unintelligent because of my hair colour.

24.)I am fun. Yes. Seriously. Ask my friends.

25.)Oh and while you’re asking them, they’ll tell you that I have a contagious laugh. See? Now I don’t seem vain. LOL.

26.)I am incredibly loyal.

27.)I blush so quickly. I go completely pink and feel as if I could warm a small village from my face alone.

28.) If there was a Sweet Tooth Society, I'd be President. Problem = I am sugar intolerant. It was a dark day when my doctor told me this. I really struggle to stay away from chocolate and sweets but I'm better...sort of.

That's me...take me or leave me :-)


Natalie said...

Cool post Blondie, enjoyed reading what you are about! Great idea!

Vimbai said...

I only buy People magazine for the crossword and sudoku bit and i get overly excited when they have that huge bumper edition with all those puzzles, lol.

I thoroughly enjoyed your post, very insightful :-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Vimbai...glad to know I'm not the only one :-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Natalie :-)