Friday, December 21, 2007


I have some really funny friends. They each have their own interesting, hilarious stories.

Like my friend, Twinny. She used to waitress as a student. She had to train for 3 days because apparently the system was quite complex. It involved scanning barcodes on the menu etc etc etc. Well, yes it doesn't sound complex but for the benefit of the doubt...

There she is on her first "proper" waitressing day. Her first customer arrives.
Twinny: What can I get for you sir?
Customer: I'd like the fillet steak please.
Twinny looks up the menu, scans it and feels quite proud that this complex system is not too taxing.
Customer: Well done.
Twinny (grinning): Thank you!
Customer: No, I mean my steak. I'd like it well done please.

Twinny continues waitressing. This one woman arrived every morning for a coffee and muffin.One morning Twinny decided to be smart and as the woman opened her mouth to ask for her usual, Twinny cut in: Yes, your coffin and muffy is coming right up!

Now I remember why I didn't waitress.

Another story.

Twinny has hair extensions (very realistic and very pretty.)She happened to be in a very busy bar when she noticed her cousin sitting with a bunch of super sexy guys. As she walked up to introduce herself, the table next to her starts laughing. Eventually a woman taps her on the shoulder and asks: Is this yours?In her hand is a mass of blonde synthetic hair (it looked like a small animal/road kill.)Cringe.

Never a dull moment and yes, Twinny, I hold you responsible for my laughing lines!


SheBee said...

I would kill you if I was twinny :P

I have a few horror stories with waitressing myself. Poor girl!

zuzula said...

i don't even know her... but i love Twinny!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hee hee!!! You're probably right Shebee! LOL :-)
Thanks for stopping by!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Zuzula ... you really would :-)
Thanks for popping by!