Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I totally ROCK! Seriously. No room for modesty here. I rule! I totally rule the Poker table.
I played against 9 MEN, some of them are seasoned players. Me? Last night, was my second time and it was fabulous! Ok, I came 4th, but STILL, I ruled but knocking 6 men off the table!
*Blondie takes a bow*

"Luck be a lady tonight..."

Fuck me, but was that a storm last night, or was that a storm? Shit, these storms are getting worse!
It's like the end of the world, everytime! The wind is angry, the rain comes down like grey sheets so you can see jack shit and the sky looks purplish grey and threatening to end the world.
I had to drive home in that last night in my poor little 1.2 car that leaks through the windscreen and basically gets swept off the road in a slight breeze. It was fun. F-U-N!

So I'm fairly new to this blogging site and I have had such an incredible time reading all your blogs!
If your funny, slightly brilliant writing continues, I'm going to need a packet of Depends before my time!

Excellent, just excellent!

Ok and now, since this blog has had absolutely no theme, I thought I'd throw in a Question.
You see, I want to add some of your blogs to my reading list...i.e on the side of my blog, like most of you have. I've been to Settings and I've put Add link and yet it will not pop up by my page...why? What am I doing wrong?
All you wise, vetinary bloggers, help a BLONDE out please!!

Ciao for now


Ruby said...

ha! here I can help you....even if i'm a total dummy when it comes to blogging;-)

On the top bar of your blog click on Customize. This will take you to your blog layout with all the block elements.

Click on the "Add Page Element" on the side bar. This will give you a pop-up screen with different page element options. For your blog roll I would recommend choosing "Link List". Click on the "Add Blog Element" button below it. Give it a title, and then just add the blogs to your list one by one. When finished adding all links. Save changes.

On the layout page you can now move that element around till it's in the spot you want it.

Hope this helps:-)

High in Dubai said...

Thank god some-one helped you first because I turn blonde when I have to do that stuff and I have to re-learn it each time.

I have read your posts and you have a really funny blog, I see quite a few noteworthy posts in your future!

Keep it up!

Vimbai said...

Ruby to the rescue! Blogger makes it super easy to add links, pics whatever really.

I am so jealous,i'm useless at Poker..i am still learning, but yikes, i can't for the life of me remember what the heck a Full House or a Royal Flush consists of...oh and i get crap cards all the time!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Well, well Ruby...aren't you just blogging savvy!! Thanks sooo much -gonna give it a bash :-)
Thank you so very much! :-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

High in Dubai - coming from you, thats a total compliment! Thank you :-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Vimbai, I actually am not sure how to play...I literally wing it and it seems to work...either that or the people I play against are THAT crap! ha ha :-) Thanks for stopping by!

Ruby said...

actually I have a confession to make......uhm, Glugster told me how to do it...and i just sorta passed the info;-)