Friday, December 14, 2007

Mad at the Maid.

I am furious.

I feel so upset, weepy and just completely and irritatedly gobsmacked.

My parents and I share a domestic worker. She goes to my folks on Tuesday's and Friday's and we have her on Wednesday.

This was her last week. She goes on holiday for a month...apparently.

On Wednesday I bought her a beautiful handbag and perfume for Christmas and gave her a "13th cheque."
I also told her I would give her a raise in January. Well I was a bit taken aback at how blase she seemed to be and bearly managed to mumble a thank you.

My sister calls me today, in a whisper she tells me:
"Listen, Missy just came to me and said she's very angry at you. Apparently she doesn't like her Christmas present and she's upset with the amount of money you gave her. Some of the other people she worked with gave her R2000 bonus and they gave her presents for her children."

Well I'll be damned.

Ungrateful bloody cow. I'm sorry if that seems unnecessary, but I started fuming.
I am sorry, but I do not have R2000 to give as a bonus and I didn't know it's a "norm" to buy her children things. Her kids are in their 20's.

I was so angry. We had a jumble sale not so long ago and she picked some stuff she wanted...we didn't charge her. We gave her a DVD player and a tumble dryer not so long ago too.
That's besides the point, yes, but still...

I called her up and she sounded miserable.
I said to her: "Hello Missy. I believe you are upset about the bonus we gave you and the Christmas present."
"Yes. I am."
"Well, I don't really understand when I said you are getting a raise next year and you got an extra months salary, the 13th cheque as the bonus."
Me: "Hello?"
Her: "I'm lissstening." she hissed.
Good grief!!!
"Well, if you are not happy working at us then you must let us know so we can find someone else. I'm not really sure what the problem is."
Quiet again.
Now...I also didn't want a CCMA case against me so I asked her to tell me what she wants to do; for her to decide.
There was no hesitation, not even an um : "You need to find someone else."
Right then. I asked her to leave the key at my mom and she said "No."
Excuse me??
"I need to come and collect my things."
"That's fine. I'll bring your things to you and collect the key."

At this stage I am so bewildered. What happened?

I arrived at my mom and gave Missy a packet with her clothes.
There's no thank you.
"Is everything here?" she asks.
"Yes!!!" I am so annoyed. "Do you have my key?"
"Yes." she says and continues to iron.
"Well, could I have it please." Gobsmacked.
She sulks off and I wait for 15 minutes for the key.
I then ask for the access card to our complex and she says she doesn't have one.
I gave her R60 for ID photos for the access card, which I later learnt, only cost R20.
Suddenly the story changed and she said that the guard house has it.


I just feel so, so... I'm not really sure, I guess I'm just really disappointed. I'm very upset that she was so ungrateful but really it's a lot better.
Maybe now, my sugar, tea, Handy Andy, Skip and Sta-soft will last longer than 2 weeks.

Not in a chipper mood today.


Natalie said...

Oh my word, bloody cow. How ungrateful!

Anonymous said...

wow- I think that she's totally crazy! How could a bonus, a really nice present, and a raise make her upset?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Exactly One Girl! It really makes me think there was something else! Thing is, if she can't speak up then good riddance. I cannot smell problems!
I'll find someone who really wants to work and will be grateful for it :-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I agree Natalie! Bloody cow!!