Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am a sucker for punishment

I really am. I get abused rudely by this horrible woman (hairdresser), I even BLOG about it and then what do I do? I take her up on her horribly rude offer and get my hair done.
Yes, I know!!! I am an idiot who obviously really likes punishment and people being rude to her.
It really bothered me though. I know this seems incredibly stupid but really, this woman who means JACK SHIT in my life actually bothered me enough to get my hair done the "right" way.

So I walked in and she says: "Oh excellent! I'm soooo glad you decided to come through so we can fix that!" pointing at my blonde locks.
I smile thinly.
She starts explaining what she has in mind, you know, like highlighting my natural colour to make my natural blonde "POP", and then she mentions something about putting dark streaks in.
Hold. The. Bus.
"Um, excuse me... I do not want any brown streaks. I like my blonde colour and I'd like to keep it as natural as possible, seeing as I am a dying breed of au natural blondes. All I want is a few highlights."
Her little beady eyes narrow (I didn't think it was possible) and she says: "Dahling. I know hair and I knoooow what suits a face, ok?"
"Ok."I say, annoyed at how wimp-like I'm being.

The colours start being added to my hair and within 30 minutes I look like some alien with all the foil on my head.
She finishes her final foil highlight and then stands back to look at me.
"Wow. You're wearing make-up today. Gosh, it's amazing what make-up can do for someone."
Well that was IT! I was fucking furious!!!
Who the fuck is this woman? I don't know her and she doesn't know me.
It also happens to be a day where I am cramping like a bitch with PMS. Excellent.
I just, calmly and sweetly, said to her, "Not everyone needs make-up and I'm one of the lucky ones."
Ok, I know! It wasn't exactly cutting edge or as witty as I would have liked but for starters, I was shocked and it was the best I could do under the shock.

Well admittedly, my hair colour came out beautifully (even with the light brown streaks) and then it was time to cut and blow.
I asked for a trim and to blow wave straight. Well I got a few cm's off and my hair is curly - it's been curled so much I look like a poppie! I said to her: "Um, I'm not sure about the curls..."
"Yes daaahling, but they'll drop! Trussst me! I am an expert with hair."
"Yes, um, quite. Thing is, you may be an expert on hair; but I'm an expert on my hair! My hair is wavy and curls don't "drop" they stay put without hairspray."

But let me tell you...the instant turn around of this bitches attitude was incredible.
Suddenly the compliments were pouring in and it was like I had transformed into her new BFF!
"You see? I told you it would suit you!"
"Yes, thank you very much! I do appreciate it and since you suggested I come to you, I really appreciate the complimentary do!" I smiled ever so sweetly at her.
AT LAST! This cow was on the back foot!

I know that was a really scaly and bitchy thing to do and ordinarily I would never dream of doing something like that, but I had just HAD it with her!

At least I got my hair done for free...I'd like to think of it as compensation for her rudeness.

PS>Ruby babe, I still haven't done the meme yet but I haven't listened to the radio yet! Will do it soon!


Natalie said...

Haha, at least she got what she deserved for being so FO-WARD with you and insulting! Stupid cow! Good on you Blondie!

I have tagged you in my latest post sweetie.x

High in Dubai said...

Oh My G... Well done!

Ruby said...

well done babe!!!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hahaha!! Thank you Natalie :-)

I thought you'd be proud High in Dubai :-)

Thanks ruby ruby :-)