Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sleep Deprived

Oh. My. God! Please help me. I neeeed coffee. I'm not being cute or funny, I am contemplating using the match stick trick to keep my eyelids open. Hmmm... does that work?

Never. I repeat NEVER EVER go to a place in someone elses car. Now, I could imagine this sentence seems a little dodgy, but it's quite simple.
Me, has work tomorrow. You's do not. Me is up at 04h30. You's can sleep in. Aka party like bitches and sleep in.

Some mates of mine decided to go watch a Cabaret show at Emperor's Palace.
Dear God, those bodies are incredible. It really isn't fair.

Back to the point.

I love Skinny T's intent, it's good and wholesome. We happen to live in the same complex and because she did the inviting, she wanted to fetch and carry.
Blondie: "Thanks so much, but really... I think it's better if I go in my car. I'm sure you guys will want to drink copious amounts of cosmopolitans in the Marc Anthony Cigar bar afterwards."
Skinny T: "Don't be silly! Please, it's really not a problem. I really don't feel like a long night at all. We'll be home at the latest, 23h30."
Blondie: "No, seriously. I'll follow in my car."
Skinny T: "I'll be passed your place at 8pm."

Right then.

The show was incredible and I loved seeing my girls...I would have loved to stay and party.
Thing is, I had the looming 04h30 hour on the back of my mind; that weirdly kept creeping further and further up to the front of my mind. 23h30 passed, more cocktails got ordered. Midnight arrived and the gals decided now would be a good time to get a menu for food.
Needless to say, I got home at 02h30. I was irritable and struggled to say "Thank you" through a very fake grin/gritted teeth.

I felt like calling them at 04h30 saying: "Moooooorning!!! Wakey, Wakey!!!!"
Ooooh, that would have been good. :-)

Oh and without sounding like a hypochondriac, I have woken up this morning with enough "sand" in my eyes, I'm sure the beaches of SA must be wondering where it all went and an incredibly sore, bruised and swollen jaw... I feel like I got into some bar brawl......... um....... ok, I'm not really sure what that would feel like, but it feels someone got in a good punch (I would imagine.) Maybe I'm beating myself up in my sleep.

PS> I have never come across so many incompetent staff members in shopping centres. Good grief people, I'm asking for the price not a pint of your blood.
Help a girl out here!

Have a wicked day... I can't WAIT to go sleep!

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