Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I went back to High school -yes, really.

No. Not to learn, but as the guest of honour/past pupil blah blah. *I heard that smirk!*
I was actually quite surprised that I was called out of all the pupils to call. My first thought : What do they want?
Gosh I'm cynical!

It was prize giving and I had to hand over the certificates and trophies. It was such a bitter sweet thing though. So many bitter sweet memories! The building has changed but the tuckshop was still the same (too many memories there) and so were the "playgrounds" and teachers. Most of them seem to have stayed in a time capsule.... called Botox. Ok, I don't know if they have but damn, I felt like I was watching the Bold and the Beautiful where Brooke still looks the same even though the soapie is 20 years in.
*Crap - did I just admit to being a B&B watcher? - I don't watch all the time, OK? OK?*

Anyway, back to the point. I was surprised at a lot of things, like:

1.) The teachers were all so nice and told me to call them by their names. Now, that was just strange and I just can't get my head around that. It was a case of: "Mrs. Gray, I mean, um... um... Heather." Nah, just sounds wrong. So no one got called anything.

2.) Seeing how young and little the girls were, I mean did I look that young and innocent back at school?

3.) Walking in and having the pupils say: "Good morning M'aam"
Say what?? Ok, wow, I feel like I just aged another 7 years!

4.) Having my hair down in assembly. It just felt wrong even after all these years.

So yes, it was an interesting morning. I felt very old and grown up. It's an odd feeling.

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