Friday, April 11, 2008

Blondie is in a Bad Mood...

I'm trying to stop smoking. I actually have to for health reasons! I am totally cool during the day, which is weird and impressive all at the same time.
Night time arrives and I'm stuffed. I just cannot seem to get it right. I literally sit on my hands or pace the room. I can't believe it.
3 days so far and as good as that is, it's not great...I've cheated. I had 3 cigarettes last night with a glass of wine. It's awful!
Alcohol is evil.
Beautiful, but evil.

I'm not in a great mood today. Had a mega fight with my man. I hate fighting. I hate confrontation with everyone but I seem to have no problem to confront the people closest to me, like my family and the man. It's not right and I know the psychology behind it, but it doesn't make it better.
I lost it with him today and I'm furious. I'm furious at him and at myself.
The worst part, is that other irrelevant shit came up too. It's the 101 in What Not To Do In An Argument. It's the worst. Don't know why it happens but all of a sudden the fact that he stayed out all night without calling to let me know he wasn't lying in a ditch 3 months ago and the fact that he put empty milk back in the fridge 2 weeks ago, is suddenly raised again. Why?
Argh! It's infuriating!

Just needed to get that off my chest. Must say that while I am moody from not smoking, I didn't turn to my trusted Marlboro's with the stress of it all.
I've even put this pic up...I mean how tempting is that? And I still don't want one. Ok, that's not true, but I'm still not reaching for the box.

Good, yes?

This is the first weekend that I'm not working, not going to weddings, baby showers and I reckon I'm going to have me one of those "cosy, sleep in late, not get out of pajamas, watch DVD marathons and then blow the dust off my stiletto's and hit the club" weekend.


ChewTheCud said...

Sounds like you need some of these!

Trouble with your partner? Have you considered getting yourself a woman? I hear they're can be a lot of admin, but the rewards are well worth the trouble ;)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Ah nice Chewthecud and I guess you want me to take pictures and share the love right?
Uh-huh! Not gonna happen! LOL

Len said...

Ohhhh I'm so jealous of your week-end! I'll have to work since my exam deadline is a lot earlier than expected!!

The best part about those stupid fights is when you start to laugh about it and say "Why the hell are we fighting?" It's all gonna be alright ;)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I thought you were going to say: the best part about those stupid fights is make up sex!

I just read your blog Len... you'll get through your will!!
Good Luck!!

The Divine Miss M said...

I thought you were sick.

Alcohol last night? Clubbing tomorrow? You can't be THAT sick Blondie! :P

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I know Miss M...I'm terrible! I hate authority! If you tell me to stay in bed and take it easy, I rebel!
It's terrible! I can't do it!!

Thing is I feel better and I don't feel sick in the sense of "Oooh, I can't move"...I just don't feel like my usual self. It's the doctor who keeps saying I need to rest.
I say antibiotics ROCK, they're cool and the doctor is still doing tests to see what is really wrong with me...why I keep getting dizzy and feel nauseous!
I'll be ok though...thanks for your concern/lecture!

Len said...

LOL Blondie! I actually never had make-up sex! I'm too stubborn for that and my men have been too! ;)

Globus said...

globus said if he got offered the hnew job he was headhnuted for recently, he'd quit smoking. he got offered the job, and finished his old job on friday...., this coming week will be tough - but as of tomorrow, it's quit time! sending you positive vibes.

sweets said...

that is one wicked picture doll... good luck with that, better you than me ;)