Thursday, April 17, 2008

What a weird day.

I went for one of those spray tans yesterday... it's not the Caribbean Tan, which stinks and leaves embarrassing's odourless and the tan builds gradually as the hours go by! I do not have a frikken clue what it's called though. Useless.
I look like I have been sipping pina colada's in the Seyshelles for the past 2 weeks, with gorgeous men fanning me with big palm leaves and feeding me juicy grapes.
OK...the last part is not at all how I "look" but mmm, it had to be said!

I have a function tonight and I'm nervous. I am. I MC functions all the time and yes, I'll feel slightly nervous with the anticipation of the evening, but it feels different today. I am nervous..the palms are sweating, the heart is racing a little too fast for my liking and I feel like I might throw up!
It's horrible.

I wish I had interesting and exciting news... I'm not very positive at the moment. I'm having shit with girls who are plain old mean bitches. I feel like I am taking a trip down memory lane; destination: High School.
I wish I wasn't so sensitive. I wish I could just shrug it off and not give a damn. Easier said than done.
I am close to being in R10 keeping my bank account open. Pay day is only the 25th and there are 9 days to go.
I am still getting my migraines and now to add things to the pot, I'm nervous.

It's a bloody fabulous day!


Lopz said...

Sending you bigs hugs and positive vibes hun xxx

Here's a pearl of wisdom to brighten up your day:

Never take your sleeping tablets . . . at the same time as your laxative tablets.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Lopz!!

Wahahahahahahahahaha.... now that is excellent should right a book! Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Please please please find out what it's called. Sounds great. I wanna try it!

happy snapper said...

Well, even if you're nervous, at least you're gonna look like a bronzed goddess :) Hope it goes well tonight, and you feel more relaxed.

Oh, and the bank account vibes, Im so with you there! Hope you stumble upon some unexpected cash. Or, maybe you and I can team up and rob a bank? or one of those Fidelity trucks....I've always wanted to that. ha ha!

sweets said...

that first bit was hilarious... i am so glad you don't look like you have a contagious STD or something... hehe

kick those bitches’ asses
something you have to learn to say on a regular basis...

kiss my ass bitch!

good luck (hugs)

KaB said...

Ah pooh...I'm down cash = my boat don't float! I hate it...arhg!

You sound hot...even I must say so! A hot goddess with a microphone in her will have the power tonight...use it!

Lots of luck :)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I will do Anon!! x

The Blonde Blogshell said...

OOOh Happy Snapper...sounds exciting! Can we wear ski masks please? Yeeehah!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hahahahahha!!! An STD look dodgy!

My saying is BITE ME...I think I'll add bitch to it now! Thanks sweets!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

yay Kab!! AWESOME!!!! :-) Thanks babe!!