Monday, April 28, 2008


I am pms-ing and I have had a good sob this morning. I just feel like a deflated balloon...except that I'm bloated.
So, I was in the horrific smash and grab a month ago and had the battle of trying to organise a sim swop for my cellphone...a NEW cellphone, bank cards and and and...

Last night, I worked and then met up with the man and his/our mates for a few drinks. I was on my phone to him to find out where I should meet him, when I saw him, hung up the phone and popped it in my handbag. I had my handbag next to me the entire time, which happened to be an hour (yes...we were faders)
I was woken up this morning at about 09h30 with a kiss from the man and a "Thanks for the MMS baby!"
"Hmmm? What message?"
"The picture of us. You sent it to me this morning."
"No I didn't. Where is my phone?"
Panic stations. I have checked my car, my handbag has been emptied out and we have been calling my phone repeatedly. It is still on, which is weird. Normally when a cellphone is stolen, it's switched off immediately. What freaks me out is that someone has gone through my phone, through my photo's and has sent the man (named Baby Love in my contacts) a photo of us. Creepy. This photo was a photo I took when I first got the phone and I was learning how to use it. I didn't even know my phone was MMS enabled.
I am also extremely worried because I have high profiled people's numbers on my phone...stupidly under their full names. I am worried that if this creep has been going through my phone, they could be sending these people messages saying God knows what...under MY name!
Jesus. Can you imagine?
Worst yet, (my imagination has been on steroids this morning) what if they randomly sent messages like: "I fucking hate you. Don't talk to me ever again. You've ruined my life and I think you're an asshole. If you died today, I'd do the Happy Feet Dance." TO MY BOSS??
Awesome, right?
Oh and I have called everyone that was there last night to see if they weren't playing some "cute" trick on me. Not one of them knows what I'm talking about.

I'm still trying to figure out how on earth my cellphone managed to get out of my unzipped bag that was with me the whole time.

I'm seriously freaked out though that the phone was on and that photo's were being sent out. We tried calling and calling. Surprise, surprise. No answer.
We sent an sms saying: "Hey! Who has the phone? Funny one! Please return it!"
As soon as that was sent and I tried to phone again. The phone had been switched off. Fuck. That's not weird at all!!
I'm also desperately trying to remember what photo's I have on my phone. Dear Lord, please let there be no naughty pics!
Highly possible.
Fuck. I'm sweating now...

I'm just so frustrated because I am not rich enough for this to keep happening to me. I am not rich enough for new cellphones(yes...even the R250 ones) and I'm not rich enough for sim swops and I am tired of having to type in my data base into my cellphone time and time again.
I think what makes things even more frustrating is that after my smash and grab I have been extra cautious. The handbag stays in the boot of my car. When my handbag is with me, it's sealed and never leaves my sight. I am baffled as to how someone opened my bag (the huge one) and managed to get my cellphone out. I struggle sometimes to find it, because the bag is so big and therefore carries so much shit.

I am just frustrated and weepy over this. I think I'm cursed. Jinxed. Someone does not want me to have a cellphone. A world without a cellphone. Hmm... Nope. Sorry. Not possible for me.
Yes, I'm dramatic today, but fuck I'm upset. Enough now.


The Divine Miss M said...

Oh no honey! That is truly truly truly horrible. :( You're having some terribly bad luck.

What a total prat as well, sending out the picture.

I hate people sometimes.

Lopz said...

That sucks so much, I'm so sorry babe! You really have had some shit luck lately. You're starting to sound like me when it comes to travelling, except for you it's not even when you travel, it's whenever you leave the house. Crossing fingers that this turns out as well as it possibly can. Big hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

My hunch is that it is someone you were with, one of your "friends".

Also, you can buy a little device to do a sim back up so next time your phone is snatched you dont have to type everything in, you can just transfer everything quick n easy. dont think it costs more than a couple hundred bucks.

Don't worry too much, nothing much will probably happen (i hope) except having access to those high profile numbers will be very tempting... dude i think you should wear cargo pants everyday n just keep everything in all the pockets lol.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Miss M... I'm just irritated with my spell of bad luck but I'm going to change that!!
Good luck is on the way..I can feel it :-) xx

The Blonde Blogshell said...

The luck is going to change Lopz...I'm determined to change it!!

Thanks for the hug :-) x

sweets said...

someone sent your bf an mms from your phone?? how strange and spooky all the same time... if any of your friends did this please hurt them permanently :)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

That is the impression I got anonymous, but it seems nothing has turned up so what can you do!

Hmmm...the device sounds interesting, will certainly look into it...I just hope that this is the LAST time this happens to me. I'm changing my luck around. Enough is enough! haha x

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Creepy right, Sweets? It's disturbing too!!

Oh no...if I find out it was a "friend"...they shall no longer have the honour of being called that! Hahah!!

happy snapper said...

Oh noooo!! Thats really shitty, Im sorry Blondie! Have you heard any news on it? Like a friend was playing a prank or something? I really hope so. Id wanna give them a huge CLUP though!!! Hope things look up for you hun! x