Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hit him!!! Hit him in the balls!!! *just kidding*

The boxing was AWESOME!!! I have never been to a live boxing match before and I must say it was an experience. It was so weird to see it up close. I really mean up close, we were ring side and one guy nearly fell through the ropes onto our chairs. It was weird to see the sweat and blood...the TV screen makes it seem a little more unreal. It was gross actually but in a sadist way, cool. Can't believe I just typed that! Yuck! hahaha!!

It was so cool to see my boxing trainers fight...a little strange, but cool. My throat is so sore today from all my screaming. I got this little bubble of satsifaction by screaming back what they would shout at me, when I couldn't bear to do one more minute with the skipping rope, or one more sit up, or one more punch: "WHERE'S YOUR HEART? WHERE'S YOUR HEART?"
It was great. Not so great was seeing them afterwards with some swelling and some bruising around their eyes and cheeks. Oooh Eina ("Ouch" for the internationals :-)

My man was excellent as a ring a totally unbiased opinion, of course! He wasn't corny at all and managed to make: "Aaand in the Bluuuue Corner..." sound really cool and right.
I was proud, what can I say?! He's been asked back by the boxing commission, so that's good news!

I can't get the flash disk to work regarding my handbag meme, so as soon as I add some air time data bundles into my 3G card, I'll be able to post it from my laptop!
An irritation of note.

I have a wrap up dinner party tonight for a TV show I've been on and it's a bittersweet day. The bitter part is that I am really going to miss working with the guys, I've learnt so much and I've had a blast being the only female... The show has been running for 10 years, but I only joined them in September. It's a pity it's over.
The sweet part is that I am looking forward to the prawns! Yummy! We all know how I feel about prawns now, right? Mmmm mmmm mmmmm!!!!

Good times!
I have to go baby shopping tomorrow. Hold. the bus. It's for a baby shower and a 1 year old birthday party. there anything I can take with me, you know, like garlic, a crucifix or maybe a wooden spoke to prevent broodiness? It's a terrible thing...everything is so cute and little and sweet and has the unbelievable charm of making me go: Awwwww and Oooooh and the worst: I want one!
Perhaps I should take a shitty nappy or a recording of a screeching child, with me... that'll help! hahaha!


Lopz said...

Just ask to change a few nappies, burp a particularly windy one in the hope that it pukes on you and watch what happens after about 4 hours when they're all tired and coming down off their sugar highs... that should probably be enough to put you off!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Excellent Lopz...can't wait. Really.

happy snapper said...

Put on a preggie belly suit and then try and touch your toes. That's got to be uncomfortable.

oh, and enjoy the prawns btw!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Happy Snapper... hahaha!! Can you imagine? I think if I eat enough prawns I wont need the preggie belly! LOL x

ChewTheCud said...

Flash disk -
a) Check it's getting enough power. try other USB ports if nescessary.
b) Change the drive letter of the disk. Go Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management. If you can see your drive there right click and change drive letter ;)

This show can't have been that great with only one woman in it. How did it survive 10 years?

How's THIS for a baby present?