Friday, April 4, 2008

The Last Supper

Oh man, I had such a delicious meal last night. It was a barrel of laughs! It was The Last Supper for the TV show and what a feast it was.
I took so many photo's that I could retire. I say this because, I'm going to make an absolute fortune from blackmailing them!
I will however post my pics of Darren Scott. It's his party trick that I've heard of before from some mates who have witnessed it... good grief, it's one thing to hear about it, it's quite something to see it! Dear Lord!

I had a kg of tiger giant prawns... holy crap I was in heaven...garlic and lemon butter heaven!! I couldn't move afterwards and I was looking at all my options as to how I was going to get a crane to lift me out of the restaurant. Seriously.

I honestly thought the evening would be over relatively early. HA! I got home at 02h20 with a fuzzy head and I have the hangover of hangovers today. I feel so lovely.
I wasn't the last to leave... and again, no names mentioned... they went straight to work from the party! Ouch! I've done that once and I vowed never again!! I like my job. Alot.
I had such a great time, even if my body doesn't love me all that much, right now!
As promised: here are the pics of Darren Scott. His party trick is to pour Stroh Rum on his head and then light it. The thing is he then tells the guys holding the jugs of water, to: "Wait" "Wait" "Wait" "Ok. POUR!!!"
Pic 1: Putting Stroh Rum on head.
Pic 2: Head on fire, telling jug boys to "Wait!" - pity the fairy lights were reflected in the messed up my shot!
Conclusion: The dude is crazy...entertaining and funny... but mad!! The smell of burnt hair was so attractive I can't tell you!!


Len said...

Where's the trick? It's just totally light-headed! I juggle with fire so I know what damage it can cause!

Anyway... it's not my head so it's ok I guess ;-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Wow...that's cool!

Totally crazy, huh? Yes...glad it wasn't my head either!!

happy snapper said...

ha ha ha! its amazing what alcohol intake can do, it makes people do the stupidest things. does he have any hair left to do the trick on? or is it like a once a month kind of trick, haha!

hope you got to finish your prawns BEFORE the smell of burnt
hair overpowered everything :)

oh, and btw....hangover cure: before you go to bed after a night out, take two comprol and a glass of water! MAGIC! and then load up on cream soda the next day. works like a charm.

sweets said...

crazy, i would never do that!!! just not happening...

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Happy Snapper the hangover cure sounds genius! Thanks!

He waits for all the alcohol to burn off and as soon as he feels the tingle, he tells them to pour the water on because that's when his hair is starting to burn!

happy snapper said...

no problem! :)

That is REALLY odd! strange the things will men do to impress? ha ha.