Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm NOT dying!

Well, well, well. A nurses head rolled this morning. I have to admit, I'm not boasting this fact, I'm really not and I actually feel rather terrible but at the same time, she made her bed and has to lie in it....I just don't feel fab knowing that I was the one to put the final nail in her career coffin.

Let me explain. I called for my results yesterday. Dr. Smit had left but a nurse gave me my results. The results of doom and panic. I had a very restless night last night from all the stress.
Dr. Smit gave me a call this morning and gave me my results. Completely different results.
My iron level is NOT devastatingly low. It's low but not low enough for an iron drip. My liver is fine but I'm basically fighting a serious infection and my body has been fighting it for a while ( a few months -lovely) and is getting tired hence the migraines, vomitting, dizziness plus other symptoms I don't feel like sharing...that TMI story again, you see!
Dr. S has put me on antibiotics for a general infection but they're doing more tests to see where the infection is coming from.
I'm not dying, my organs are not failing and I'm actually alright. I'm sick and I'm not out the clear because we have to actually find out what's causing this infection/where it's started, but I'm alright!
Hip Hip Hooooray!!!
Turns out the nurse was not allowed to give me my results as they wouldn't be relevant without the interpretation from the consultation. She was giving a text book version without knowing the history, the symptoms or anything about me and why the tests were being done in the first place so they were wrong. Problem is I'm not the first and after several warnings and notice she received the boot! HECTIC!

I am taking so many tablets I feel like I could hire myself out for baby parties: Shake me and I rattle!
Awesome career opportunity right?
BUT. I have a complaint. If I am taking so many drugs I feel cheated. No awesome feeling, no floaty airy feelings, all stuff I would imagine one gets from being drugged up. I've been cheated. Unless, this is what being "high" is in which case: What's the big deal?

Going for catch up coffee with Blondie 2 tonight...can't wait! x


The Divine Miss M said...

Glad to hear you're alright honey!

Though I must say that if you're going out for a catch up with a friend you can't be that ill ... :P

Get better soon!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Miss M! Ha ha! That's why it's a quick coffee not wine...hmmm...maybe the "drugs" would kick in then!
Miss M, I promise to be wrapped up warm and in bed early!

sweets said...

don't feel bad that the nurse got fired, ha... stupid woman... glad you're ok!!!!

Don't believe a word I write said...

I agree, there's almost no point to taking medication unless an awesome out-of-body experience accompanies the act. Oh ja, the little thing about not actually dying as a result of the drugs is pretty cool too.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I know Sweets, but it still sucks!!

I'm also glad babe!! x

The Blonde Blogshell said...

DBAWIW..good point! Hmmm... :-)

KaB said...

you sound like a poor innocent lab rat!

Hope you get better sucks being sick!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I am Kab...I am! :-(