Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'm going to vent*. I can and I will. If you don't feel like reading the bitching, don't read any further.

I am really sick of girls who want to be celebrities in this country, SA. I have had enough of pretty girls believing the world owes them something. Their manipulation is unbelievable. The scary thing, it seems to work too. When did this become OK?
Being a celebrity is a privlege and generally comes from working hard and entertaining the masses, yes in the public eye. Actors, radio presenters, TV presenters, singers and musicians, sportsmen/women and top models are known to be celebrities.
Being a celebrity also does not give you the right to immediately assume you are any better than anyone else and diva attitudes stink.
I don't even know if celebrity is the right word for South Africa...perhaps public personalities is a better word.

I have absolutely had enough of these beautiful girls desperately wanting to be famous because they have done a bit of modelling and believe they deserve to be a top model with the "Lee-ann Liebenberg status".
While your self confidence is commendable, you actually need to work at it, instead of harrassing the different media houses and magazines to feature an article on who you are, what your favourite colour is and what your favourite position is. If you are doing something (work wise) that is worthy of recognition...then by all means, but most of these girls want to be FAMOUS and won't and don't care what for.
It is not cute, it is not amusing and it is time consuming.
These girls are manipulative, they make friends with influential people trying to get higher on the fame ladder and will stop at nothing to stab you in the back to get what they want.
It has really gotten bad.
Hard work and talent should get you to the top and that is the message that should be sent out.
Instead, the magazines are getting really annoyed at the constant emails under pseudonyms and their actual name that they eventually buckle just to rid themselves of these girls for a few months. Wrong message. These girls then feel that it works and go on to the next magazine.
Nothing ever comes from it, so they start at the beginning again.

It is irritating for people who work their asses off, who do things ethically and morally correct, who don't back stab; finish last. I think the saying: Good guys/gals always finish last... is true but it SUCKS!
It shouldn't be that way and it isn't right.

I probably sound bitter but I can absolutely assure you it's not a bitterness thing at all, it's a vent that the business world shouldn't work this way! Success should be measured by your hard work, not from harrassment, being a diva and believing you're so much better than anyone else.
Don't abuse a privlege you've been awarded...being in the public eye is hard work and my personal feeling is that...I would like people to acknowledge or recognise me because they appreciate my work and what I stand for... not for being in a magazine getting my nails done.
In a perfect world, I guess!

*I don't expect to be judged on this either. It is my opinion and it fucks me off, in a big way!


happy snapper said...

I hear you!
I don't understand that mentality either.
But I also think that alot of celebrities don't display the greatest rolemodel qualities alot of the time, and end up as the "leaders" of a bunch of airheaded, money crazy, label junkies who would screw, stab, or deceive anyone to get what they want.

But you know what, Im a firm believer that you get what you give. What you sow, you reap. So, I hope Im sowing right in the world.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Well bloody said, Happy Snapper!

I hear you!! Paris Hilton allowed for this to be ok...to be famous for being famous. NO NO NO!!!

In SA, we don't really have celebrities...like I said...public persona's but there are these GIRLS who desperately want FAME!! It's awful the lengths they'll go to and how they give hardworking people such a bad name...like what you said: "bunch of airheaded, money crazy, label junkies who would screw, stab, or deceive anyone to get what they want."


happy snapper said...

Oh yes, Paris Hilton is definately one of those "leaders". Well, she'll have a rather rude awakening like 10 years down the line, when she's older and saggier and won't be getting the blind attention of the media anymore, and she'll actually have to start doing something constructive for the attention that she so obviously and desperately craves.

And yeah, I agree with you. I don't know why they do it, but I find that way of living very sad! Those girls will sadly end up ruin their lives, and for what? To have someone else on the other side of the world know their name? Really sad.

Anonymous said...

Whole-heartedly agree, I hate how in this world assholes with no sense of class or intelligence are so highly paid for basically nothing, meanwhile some people work so hard every day just to earn a tiny fraction of what these people get.

As for SA and celebrities, I'm with you, that's what I always say, there are no real celebrities in SA (Charlize lives in the US so...) and the so called "famous" entertainers we have are soooooo boring, they have no personality, Colin Moss is an ugly wimp with lame-ass lines, there's some asshole Nico Panagiou whatever, who's really bugging me at the moment, his accent is awful why does Top Billing keep using this unknown soap actor, all the ex miss SA's bring up the female quotient of our "celebs" and most of them aren't really pretty. It's sad how all these average ppl get to enjoy some perks of being known in this country, because they all suck big time. And everyone knows what a bitch Zuraida Jardine is, she sucks asssssssss. And Claudia Henkel has fake boobs, and had a nose job before becoming miss SA, the competition should be about natural beauty, which seems rare these days. Yep as you can tell I think they're all lame n sucky. I thought Pam Andrews was cool coz she had spunk but the whore cheated on her bf, now she's just a skank.

Blond blogshell you should name some ppl and dish your opinion on them, I'd loveeeee to read that. Providing this blog of yours is fairly anonymous.

sweets said...

oh yes... i totally agree!! they(SA celebrities that is) call themselves celebrities... but nobody beyond our borders have ever heard of them...! it is so ridiculous it's not even funny...

zuzula said...

it's the same over here in the UK - they did a survey in schools last year asking kids what they want to be when they grew up. And the majority said they wanted to be on Big Brother :( it's awful that that's the only role model for 'success' that they have.

I think we in the media have a lot to answer for sadly. I was reading a really interesting article on Monday about how when women's mags do case studies they have to make sure that the women who are telling their stories are photogenic enough! unbelievable.

KaB said...

Unfortunately, this shit sells & that's why the media are having to write about it! Media sales baby...money is the name of the game!

The minute the world stops focussing on the dosh...then we'll see less celeb/ personality type idiots in the news & more real life stories that actually have an impact on thousands of people around the earth!

These twits who run around trying to get somewhere based on their good looks are real lazy twats who don't want to do it the hard way...honestly...90% of people have good looks...they (make up artists, hair stylists, photographers i.e. the beauty gurus) can do to us what they do to them...simple fact really!

Fuck, I'd be gorgeous if they did that to me! Haha...seriously though, it is annoying & it grates my tits!

Maybe if people showed more of an interest in global issues, animal abuse, the lack of food globally & the politics around the world, we'd see a change in interest!

Fuck, I'm so tired of hearing about celebs...it's boring now! They're as human as your nana who sits on the loo...honestly!

Lopz said...

You're so right about society letting beautiful people think they are entitled to things that others are not. I don't consider myself unattractive by any means, but I take issue when I go out to a bar or club and see these genetically blessed people trying to queue jump or get special treatment because of how they look. The problem is, it usually works. As a whole, we're all way too obssessed with youth and beauty and we've lost sight of what's really important in a person. It's just sad.

ChewTheCud said...

Hehe - remind me never to piss you off ;)