Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have written a few things...some things that got on my nerves today and then I deleted the lot. I started writing this post again and started talking about the fact that my man and I fought over absolutely nothing at all. We got all heated and horrible over nothing. I still don't know what we were fighting about or how it even started and then I deleted that too. This is my third attempt.

I wonder if I'm having writers block... I am on my 111 post ...this will be 112. Maybe the Cricket superstition of the Unlucky Nelson (111) applies for blogs too.

If you're not really a "writer", are you allowed to have writer's block? Maybe I am a writer...I write my blog (addictively) every day. I am also writing a novel. Don't laugh.

I've received quite a few emails from people asking me to dish the dirt on our South African "celebrities".
Um...ok...as fun as that could be, the industry is REALLY REALLY SMALL. Yes, my blog is anonymous, but imagine if I had to ever be discovered! Awesome, right?

I can tell you though it's a crazy industry, this entertainment industry. Let me dish some of the worst, because let's face it...the good, glamourous stuff just sounds a bit show offy. Don't deny it.

I have been at parties where CD covers have been passed around with small mounds of cocaine on them as if they were just drinks being passed around on a tray.
I know a few A listers who swing...no, not on playgrounds. These couples swing with each other.
It makes Brooke from the Bold and the Beautiful seem like Mother Theresa's cousin.
I know a few couples who are married but have decided and discussed with each other, that if fans come along (cute/sexy fans) they are allowed to bed them.
Some models are actually divine...they are not your sterotypical dumb models, they are down to earth and lovely, worldly girls. Most models are the most insecure people around. Honestly.
Everyone says they "don't care whether they get publicity or not." Liars.
It's all dependant on the intention and attitude you see. Media whores are the biggest liars as they're the ones who will go on and on about how they "don't care if they get publicity or not."
It's also a catch 22. If you don't get some publicity and a bit of a name for yourself, people/companies won't know who you are and won't necessarily book you for events.
The industry is fickle, you see?
Oh and you may think celebs earn a shit load of cash. Some of the biggest names do, but it's not what you think...you'd be very surprised and your pay check wouldn't seem so bad!

So there...that's a little bit of the entertainment industry...just an average day at the "office."


ChewTheCud said...

Wanna get noticed? Make a sex tape ;)

happy snapper said...

sorry about the fight! Hope you guys have made up already.

Wow, entertainment life sounds crazy. And two-faced! How do you stay sane?

Ohh, and whats your novel about?

sweets said...

who the hell are you??... now i'm so bloody curious i can just fall down and scream my lungs out!!! and i'm totally intimidated, sies...


that is some interesting news... wow... hope you kissed and made up at least??

KaB said...

I'm with Sweets...I want to know who you are too!

Not that you'll let the cat out the bag!

Dirty bitch!

Entertaining dosh...I like it...more please...should you ever feel the need to splurge futher details!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Good grief Chewthecud...don't let the media whores know...they'll lap it up! Excuse the pun! Ewww!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I'm not sure how I stay sane Happy Snapper...it's difficult!!

The novel is fiction and it's based in SA...but it's your murder kidnapping thriller!
Yeah, the man and I are ok...just let off steam every now and then I guess! xxx

The Blonde Blogshell said...

*Evil grin @ Sweets and Kab!*

Just teasing!! Hell NO!!There's no way I can say...oh dear, I break out in hives just thinking about it! LOL!!
I like being anonymous, I get to have opinion without being judged!

You two are the cutest!! Thanks Sweets and Kab!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Bonjour, ma belle.i also want to know who you are.i imagine you work for a (hot la mode)magazine,and you wear super cute glasses with a bob cut but i dont think you're really blond,maybe a nice chocolate brown shade?very "devil-wears-prada".am i there yet?
c'mon secret gossip girl,give us more gossip!S'il Vous Plaît?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Nice Anonymous...
Ooh, don't I sound sensational! Wahaha!
I would actually LOVE to work for a magazine .. it's a dream!
I am indeed blonde and have long hair, but wanted to try a bob, a posh beckham bob!
Mmm... more gossip...well, alright!! I'll post some more eventually x