Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fishy Weddings!?!

My favourite food is Prawns. God created the most delicious little creatures for me to dip into lemon butter sauce. They're just divine!
I know they're bottom feeders but let's just ignore that, ok?
I feel sorry for people who are allergic to shell fish or who simply don't like prawns. Your taste buds are missing out dudes!
We went to Jimmy's Killer Prawns last night and I was in my total element.
You will be not want to know me, be associated to me or even be near me when I eat prawns. Let's just say, the way I eat prawns makes eating saucy ribs look like an etiquette lesson at a Ladies Finishing School.
I will scar you for life and embarrass the shit out of you, if you are near me at the All You Can Eat Special.
*I'm salivating as I type this*

Today I went for the bridesmaid dress fitting for Special K's wedding. It's beautiful! We have a lovely friend who wants her friends standing up for her on her wedding day, to look gorgeous, not frumpy with bows and puffy sleeves. She's a doll!

I just cannot believe Special K is getting married. I just can't. She's my closest friend, my drinking buddy, my confidant, shopping stylist, business partner, the list goes on and now she's getting married. I know nothing will change from that, but it's weird to think that next weekend she will be a Mrs.
I'm so proud and excited for her. It's so awesome to see two incredible people, so in love getting married.
I know they're going to be happy and have gorgeous sprogs. *Sigh*
Aw, I'm so damn happy for them. I am also making a speech and I don't know how I'm not going to choke up!
Oh dear!

Oh and now to embarrass myself royally. Last Saturday, the man and I went to the mall to get some things (as you do.) I was in one of those cheeky moods. You know? Good mood, feeling funny and happy. I casually but cheekily walked past American Swiss and said: "Oh. My engagement ring is in there."
Now we have this weird thing where we tease each other. Hard to explain.
I was expecting him to roll the eye balls and walk faster.
Instead, he stopped, looked at me and said: "Ok. Let's see."
What? No. I wasn't expecting that.
So I did. I showed him the gorgeous ring, but suddenly felt shy. Shy? WTF?
He looked at it and then asked the price. I had never actually looked at the price. I don't know why, I just hadn't.
The lady at the counter (all excited at the fact she could be making a sale...clearly motivated by commission) told us and I didn't think it was horrific. Don't get me's still a lot of money, but in comparison to some rings I've seen, I didn't think it was too bad.
I saw my man's colour in his face drain and his eyes enlarge. "How much?"
Oh fuck. This is not how this was supposed to go. It was supposed to be cute and funny, right? WRONG.
I'm not going to put the price here, because I'm now doubtful as to whether I'm being outrageous.
My man looked at me with this look that said: "Seriously? You expect me to pay this amount of money? Oh. MY. GOD!"
I was now saying (too quickly): "Oh you know... it's not really what I'm expecting, you know. It doesn't really suit me."
We both knew I was lying. I was saying this straight after I had been crazy/dreamy-eyed about the ring.
It just went downhill from there.
He then muttered that he would never be able to afford that. Well didn't I just feel like the best girlfriend in the world? I was having the BEST TIME EVER!!
The situation was lightened up abit, when the sales woman (looking all eager. Too eager, you know, with the fake smile that must have been hurting her cheeks by now) asked if we would be taking it.
He said to her (deadly serious): "Um. It's not exactly what I'm looking to spend. I was do you have any ring for about R600; R700?"
The sales lady looked startled: "Um. No sir. You wont find an engagement ring for that price sir."
She gave me a sympathetic look that said: Shame! You poor thing.
We walked out killing ourselves laughing.
Phew. One way to alleviate a rather uncomfortable situation.
Gosh...what was meant to be cute and quirky turned out to be AWKWARD!


MidniteGem said...

LOL - shame sweets!
I just have to tell you now how my boss had to save up for 4 years after proposing to his wife to buy her the exact ring that she wanted from Tiffany & Co. Now THAT is an expensive ring ...and you can tell him that....put the cost into perspective.

Lopz said...

At least your man was willing to play ball and go look at one! I have been threatening mine with all sorts of disasters if he doesn't propose by the time I'm 30. I'm turning 28 this weekend, we've been together for 7 years and still he won't even discuss a ring. I smell a MAJOR showdown coming in the next 6 months....

Sheena Gates said...

Oh Lord, I felt awkward for you!

ChewTheCud said...

Lol! 700 smackers won't get you in the door of most of those places. Good luck getting engaged hun ;)

I don't eat prawns.Shame really, cos apparently the really big ones come outta the sea right next to the sewage lines. Mmmmmm. And they taste just like butter and garlic too. Wow. Even after all that butter and garlic you add to them ;)

Anonymous said...

There's a "rule" that the engagement ring should cost around 1 months salary for the guy. Omg I'm so curious how much the one you like costs, if it's less than R 15 000 and the guy acts like it's way too much he's an ass.

KaB said... should get what you want...well that's the way I look at it!

Tell him to start saving at least that way, you'll be satisfied in the end! Shame the poor'd have pissed myself! As for that sales lady...they're so mean when they pounce on 'looking only' people...the claws come out to play nogal!

You get that ring sweetie!

As for the prawns, mmm...what about oysters...crikey...I could do with a box full of the babies, a platter of my favourite sushi & some crayfish tails! Yum, yum!

phillygirl said...

Yup, I'm a huge "all you can eat" prawn fan too :)

Good luck with the ring tho ... when the time eventually comes and you're not just kidding around.

I'd love to see a pic of the dream ring too :) The Divine Miss M & I mail each other some of the hideous engagement rings we've seen ... so there must be some good ones out there too!

The Divine Miss M said...

Oh my god that is classic! I don't think boys realise how expensive rings are. My two good friends who got engaged years ago had her ring designed. He gave her a budget of R15 000. But she so could have gotten a more expensive ring!

Phillygirl and I have seen some shockers of rings lately. Seriously. Ones that look like chains from the plug hole in your bathroom.


Good luck honey ;) Least you now know what you're getting into. Wait till he finds out how much the entire wedding will cost!