Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Playing with balls...

Yes, yes you dirty minded people!

I'm talking about tennis balls!! Last night I went over to a mate of my man's last night to have a braai and play tennis. I haven't picked up a racket in years....YEARS!!

The fact that I managed to hit the ball was amazing. The fact that I managed to hit the ball in, was even more amazing.
What an incredible stress reliever. I really needed that!
I pounded that poor yellow ball a few times until it got revenge. Rockstar (so, so bad at tennis. Entertaining, but BAD!) and my man (really need a name for him) were hitting the balls around!
We decided to play a game of doubles. All of a sudden Rockstar became Pete Sampras and smacked the perfect ace...into my groin. I doubled over from the stinging pain. My poor pubic bone. All I saw were the 3 guys instantly grab their groins and say: "Ooooh!!!!"
I eventually managed to squeak: "You're lucky I'm not a guy and at least it wasn't my boob!"

I have a beautiful blue bruise. It's just sexy I tell you. S-E-X-Y!

I'm feeling better today. I don't mean to sound dramatic but unfortunately what happened is dramatic and quite serious. I'm glad I've got to the bottom of things, I just can't believe I had to, in the first place.
Horrible, just horrible. I wish people could just be happy for each other instead of trying to rule others lives.
Oh and in other news...haha!

I had my measurements taken for the bridesmaid dresses for Special K's wedding.
There are 4 bridesmaids. Identical twins, J and I. The twins are also 2 months a part in their pregnancy. Imagine my absolute horror when they measured my waist, wrote down the measurement and I noticed I am 2cm bigger than the twin who is 4 months preggers! Um, WTF? Seriously?? I'm not big am I? Holy shit!
Fuck that! I'm hitting the gym and eating apples and drinking water from here on out!!


Anonymous said...

LOL thats funny about the waist measurement! well some women don't show much at 4 months, hope that's the case here :P but if you need motivation to exercise I'd say that's it.

Too bad you won't divulge the details of the bitch who backstabbed you or whatever, that'd be interesting to read :) don't worry it happens to all of us, betrayal really hurts, and you can't trust anyone, anyoneeeeeeee.

sweets said...

LOL ouch pubic bone!!

Natalie said...

haha, funny girl! It sounds like you are feeling better.x

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hi anonymous, yes I am beginning to see that I cannot trust anyone. ANYONE!
So sad isn't it?

Yes...well... gym... um....oh alright! hahahaha!!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Yes...the pubic bone is now purple today! Haha! Thanks Sweets!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Nats! Yes I am...always tough but we do survive!