Monday, March 17, 2008

Is it possible...

to strain an eyeball?
I woke up yesterday... with a very sore eyeball. If I move my eye around, I have this pain in my eyeball socket.
I think I'm falling apart.

I went to the Pinkies Party on Saturday. It's basically a festival with free alcohol (yes, I was crazy) and great South African bands like Evolver, Voodoo Child, Flat Stan and Prime Circle. Everyone has to wear pink and the outfits are crazy. It was really awesome but the weather stuffed it up a bit. We left at 8pm, drenched. I was wearing a pink feather boa. Have you ever smelt a wet feather boa? Yuck!

How shit is this weather? We're supposed to be in the middle of summer and I have vapour breath. It is so cold. 11 degrees today. I had to open up the Winter Cupboard and find something that isn't too creased.
It's been raining constantly now for 3 days. It hasn't stopped. Not for an hour or a minute. It's not even rain really...more like a constant fine spray that get's harder at times.
I feel like I'm sitting in the UK. I also finally get why poms drink so much tea. I'm a tea loving person as it is, but I can't quite explain it, drinking a hot cup of tea in this weather is awesome. I have no idea what it is, but drinking tea when it's grey, cold and rainy is so divine.

I am having a dinner party tonight! I am making my own fresh gravy, roast chicken (2 of them...their are lots of hungry boys) crispy roast potatoes, peas and freshly beaten chocolate mousse.
Wish me luck....I'm learning how to do all of this. So far so good, but I'm scared. Yes, I know you scoff, but I fear cooking. Really. Spiders, the dark and cooking.
I feel like I should be Bree from Desperate Housewives....oh except we don't have enough matching plates and not enough wine glasses so people will be drinking wine from tea cups.

I am quite excited though to serve and see people enjoy my food..... hopefully.
Hopefully, no one will be stopping by McDonalds on their way home!


The Divine Miss M said...

That happens to me when I have a sinus cold. My nose isn't blocked but my sinus's are and it gives me eye ball pain. Fucking sucks.

Your dinner party sounds awesome :)

Len said...

I agree, drinking tea when it pours is just plain awesome. It's been raining non-stop here in Europe too. Except we still have winter!

Len said...

Shit - hit enter too fast.

I was going to say that I sometimes have that thing with sore eyeballs, but both of them - and coming with a hangover. Hope you feel better soon!

KaB said...

Brie also has a shotgun, a couple I think! If they didn't like the meal, you could always threaten to blow their head off :) & do it with a sweet, false smile too!

Food sounds delicious, am sure it was delicious! And as for the weather, sorry hun! We're having stunning weather down here in CT! Just gorgeous I tell you!

Anonymous said...

We are not "in the middle of summer" autumn begins 21st March, which is 3 days away now. So maybe it's not so shocking the weather is changing lol. Roast chicken and roast potatoes are almost fool-proof, hope yours came out well, don't fear cooking, just experiment and you'll get the hang of it.

Don't believe a word I write said...

Sorry about your eye, that sounds horrible! I was in Cape Town this weekend, and it was just too beautiful. Cape Town doesn't deserve such magnificent weather. ;-)

KaB said...

DBAWIW - haiwenna but that's so incredibly wrong! Damn you jinxing!

Don't believe a word I write said...

Hahahah, sorry Kab. But you have the mountain and the sea and the beauty...gimme a break!

Oh hold on, you also have the most god-awfully narrow roads and Capetonian drivers.

Nah, it still doesn't make up for your scenery.

Natalie said...

Be grateful that you have sun and cold. We just have rain..rain and more rain!

Globus said...

eyeball strain? yes, entirely possible. in fact it's further possible to sneeze and project your eyeball out its socket and down your cheek. provided you prop open your eyelids first, that is. globus doesn't recommend trying it though...