Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's the worst when:

  • You need the loo desperately and only when there is relief, you reach over to find no toilet paper.
  • You walk into a public bathroom where there is no queue (amazingly) but all the stalls are occupied/out of order. The only stall left is the stinkiest, vomit enticing stall but desperation takes on a new level. You hold your breath and pee as quickly as possible. Of course, when you walk out of the stall there's a queue of ladies who all look at you like the stench is your fault!
  • You have wet hair and half a face of make-up, getting ready for a serious, glamourous function when the electricity goes off.
  • You eat well and exercise well only to stand on the scale and see you've gained 2 kgs. (Muscle gain, my ass.)
  • You find the perfect dress/top/shoes/ skirt/pants and when you go to find your size they have every size but yours.
  • Gorgeous, well dressed men are, 8 times out of 10, gay.
  • Running out of shampoo when you're already in the shower.
  • you're broke.
  • Getting stuck in the worst traffic on your way to probably the most vital meeting of your career.
  • you lend your dad your cellphone and he discovers raunchy sms' you sent and received.
  • you receive an email from someone about another someone to bitch about...only to press reply and it goes through to the person you're both bitching about. There's no going back (this happened to a girl friend of mine)
  • (this came from a guy friend) His girlfriend went to a party he couldn't go to, but a couple of his work mates were there. The next day in the office the guys are talking about this blonde woman at the party who looked like a high class hooker. It was his girlfriend.

Those are a few of mine... any takers?


ChewTheCud said...

Halfway through shaving - the electricity goes out. Happened to me last week.... of course... it can apply to girls too ;)

Running out of hot water in the shower.

Running out of petrol. Whenever.

Wahahaha - so I didn't wanna say it, but my sense of humor demands it - why couldn't your boyfriend come to the party with you?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Waha! Oh ja...running out of petrol is terrifying for me...especially if it's at night and I'm on my own.

No, it wasn't my story, it was friend of mine and his girlfriend! waha!

The Divine Miss M said...

Ummm ...

My worst thing is when I reach the office and realise that I left my pass at home. The jumping through hoops to actually get into the building is the biggest pain in the ass ever.

Also when I accidently set my alarm forgetting that it is Saturday morning and actually get up, shower and eat breakfast before realising that I don't have the be at work.

I once actually made it to the train station and suddenly thought - hey it's rather quiet today ... OH MISS M YOU TOTAL MORON!

Sheena Gates said...

you took away your shout box :( it was, like, mine! since i was the only one who used it.

hee hee.

#176 worst: finally finding the right type of guy, then meeting his girlfriend

The Blonde Blogshell said...

OH dear Sheena...that totally sucks!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Those are the worst Miss M! I did that in high school once. Showered, got dressed in my uniform, put the breakfast out and went to wake up my folks because they were late to take me to was Saturday! haha!!

Anonymous said...

ah- totally agree on the bathroom and the shopping ones :)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Typical hey, One Girls Thoughts?

Have a fab day x

Sheena Gates said...

#178 - meeting the perfect man, then meeting his girlfriend who happens to be your mother.

uhuh. true story.

KaB said...

#372 - staying a virgin like forever, falling for the charm & bullshit of an apparent Knight in shining armour & losing your virginity only to end up being dropped like a hat 3 weeks later! Lovely...just lovely!

#456 opening your closet to find an item of clothing missing, broken or not what you remembered it as?!? What's up with that...

#753 Your shoe breaking at's a clincher!

sweets said...

in the shower with hair-colour on your head... the water is cut just as you want to rinse... happened to me... my ex had to drive and buy ICE COLD bottled water, i had long hair so i used 4 liters... the cold and purple hair... just lovely!

Len said...

Oh yeah, I have a few of those. Last night... I was caught by a speed camera in Switzerland, which is well-known for having the most drastic fines in Europe. I arrived back at my place at 4 AM, only to lock myself out. Then I had to walk to my ex-boyfriend's house and wake him up in the middle of the night to ask for his spare key. And walk back. I love my life.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Kab - all three are BAD!! Yikes!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Oh no Sweets! I think I would develop an ulcer! Holy shit...thank goodness for bottled very rockstar! haha!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Len...aha! Found you changed your URL!

Do you live in Switzerland? I have family from there! How cool!

Oh and those events SUCK!!

Len said...

No, I live in Germany, but I needed to cross Switzerland to go back home. Ugh!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Ah! Ok cool, Len!

I'm registered in Winterthur in CH!
So awesome!

Lopz said...

Fat days. Period.

Shredding someone hard by text, and then sending text to the person you were shredding, not your mate -happened to my boyfriend.

Then, this is the best story ever: My best friend Schmokkle and I are hanging around her lounge with some of our mates, including a rather fat friend, Shakes. Schmokkle and I are having a discussion about the lotus position, and trying to do it. We successfully get our feet onto our knees, and Shakes decides to try it as well. After several minutes of struggling, he explodes in exasperation: Fuck, it's so hard, I can't do it! How do you get your feet up there? Schmokkle replies instantly and without thinking: Oh no, fat people can't do that. !!!!!

One of those moments where something pops out before you can think it through. She was MORTIFIED! Luckily, Shakes is very good humoured and had the grace to laugh.