Friday, March 7, 2008

Domestic Bliss

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have a domestic worker again!

I was furious with my last one in December (Mad at the Maid) and have had a nightmare trying to find someone new and reliable!

It's been 3 months now and I have FINALLY found her...her name is Patty (short for a name I cannot pronounce, but I'm working on it) She is, in my opinion, my black Mary Poppins. She smiles constantly, hums while she works and managed to get EVERYTHING done. She even rearranged my lounge, which ordinarily would piss the crap out of me *hmmm...don't think that's possible* but she actually made the place look amazing and has given us more space.
She's excellent.

There is nothing better than coming home to a clean home, fresh, ironed clothes and clean cups for tea and sparkling surfaces, grime free showers and windows I can see out of. Woohoo!It's not that I don't keep things tidy...OK...I don't do a great job, but it's awesome! It's the small things, you see?

I'm done with the graveyard shifts now and am very happy to get my body clock back to normal!

I have a 30th tonight at Cubana and super excited to party it up. I plan to drink plenty of dacquiri's and rip up the dance floor! I also have the cutest dress I want to christian ;-) Good times!


Debbie said...

Oh my, you have a maid? You are a lucky girl, a very lucky girl!

Have fun tonight! Drink some for me too!

I think I need to take up drinking, as my life is BORING.

Lopz said...

How was Cubana? Pics of the cute dress please!

Aleda said...

You write very well.